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Last active Sep 9, 2016
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Use Pandas to download html table of bear sightings in CT and save to bears.csv
import pandas as pd
class BearTable():
BearTable() - get a pandas DataFrame() of bear sightings in CT
This is a rolling list of bear sightings maintained by the CT
Department of Energy and Environmental protection. It is
available online at:
This tool will fail if the structure of that web page changes
from when this tool was designed.
def __init__(self):
self.table = False
self.url = ""
tables = pd.read_html(self.url)
# print "Found " + str(len(tables)) + " tables."
table = tables[11]
if (len(table.columns) != 2):
raise Exception("This table doesn't look right. Maybe the page has been changed")
table.columns = "Town","Reports"
self.table = table
def get(self):
return self.table
# Do the same thing, but in 4 lines
import pandas as pd
table = pd.read_html("")[11]
table.columns = "Towns","Reports"
table.to_csv("bears.csv", index=False)
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