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A helper script to read/write SHARECART1000 save files. See for more info!
SHARECART1000 helper script:
This script reads/writes data according to the
shared savegame file specified here:
Put this script on some game object in your
scene. You can use a sample text file in the
sharecart format and assign it to the property
"testing data" in the Unity editor, for testing.
In an actual build, this script will look for
the file "dat/o_o.ini" in the parent folder of
the game's folder (see the above link for a
The save file is parsed in Awake(), so you'll
want to wait until Start() to access its
Read and write values using static properties, ex.:
SharecartOneThousand.MapX = 255
Save your changes to disk:
If you want to be able to Save() in the editor,
check the "save data in editor" box on the
component in the inspector. This is disabled by
default so you don't clobber your test data unless
you really want to.
using UnityEditor;
using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using System.IO;
public class SharecartOneThousand : MonoBehaviour
public TextAsset testingData;
public bool saveDataInEditor = false;
public static int MapX;
public static int MapY;
public static int Misc0;
public static int Misc1;
public static int Misc2;
public static int Misc3;
public static string PlayerName;
public static bool Switch0;
public static bool Switch1;
public static bool Switch2;
public static bool Switch3;
public static bool Switch4;
public static bool Switch5;
public static bool Switch6;
public static bool Switch7;
static string filePath;
static bool _saveDataInEditor = false;
void Awake()
string data;
_saveDataInEditor = saveDataInEditor;
data = testingData.text;
filePath = AssetDatabase.GetAssetPath(testingData);
if(Application.platform == RuntimePlatform.OSXPlayer)
filePath = new DirectoryInfo(Application.dataPath).Parent.Parent.Parent + "/dat/o_o.ini";
else if(Application.platform == RuntimePlatform.WindowsPlayer)
filePath = new DirectoryInfo(Application.dataPath).Parent.Parent + "/dat/o_o.ini";
data = File.ReadAllText(filePath);
string[] lines = data.Split('\n');
MapX = GetCartInt(lines[1]);
MapY = GetCartInt(lines[2]);
Misc0 = GetCartInt(lines[3]);
Misc1 = GetCartInt(lines[4]);
Misc2 = GetCartInt(lines[5]);
Misc3 = GetCartInt(lines[6]);
PlayerName = lines[7].Split('=')[1];
Switch0 = GetCartSwitch(lines[8]);
Switch1 = GetCartSwitch(lines[9]);
Switch2 = GetCartSwitch(lines[10]);
Switch3 = GetCartSwitch(lines[11]);
Switch4 = GetCartSwitch(lines[12]);
Switch5 = GetCartSwitch(lines[13]);
Switch6 = GetCartSwitch(lines[14]);
Switch7 = GetCartSwitch(lines[15]);
bool GetCartSwitch(string line)
if(line.Split('=')[1] == "TRUE")
return true;
return false;
int GetCartInt(string line)
return System.Convert.ToInt32(line.Split('=')[1]);
public static void Save()
if(Application.isEditor && !_saveDataInEditor)
string output = "[Main]\n";
output += "MapX=" + MapX.ToString() + "\n";
output += "MapY=" + MapY.ToString() + "\n";
output += "Misc0=" + Misc0.ToString() + "\n";
output += "Misc1=" + Misc1.ToString() + "\n";
output += "Misc2=" + Misc2.ToString() + "\n";
output += "Misc3=" + Misc3.ToString() + "\n";
output += "PlayerName=" + PlayerName + "\n";
output += "Switch0=" + (Switch0 ? "TRUE" : "FALSE") + "\n";
output += "Switch1=" + (Switch1 ? "TRUE" : "FALSE") + "\n";
output += "Switch2=" + (Switch2 ? "TRUE" : "FALSE") + "\n";
output += "Switch3=" + (Switch3 ? "TRUE" : "FALSE") + "\n";
output += "Switch4=" + (Switch4 ? "TRUE" : "FALSE") + "\n";
output += "Switch5=" + (Switch5 ? "TRUE" : "FALSE") + "\n";
output += "Switch6=" + (Switch6 ? "TRUE" : "FALSE") + "\n";
output += "Switch7=" + (Switch7 ? "TRUE" : "FALSE");
File.WriteAllText(filePath, output);
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