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Last active Apr 25, 2022
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Hacker News Links

Hacker News "hidden" URLs

Many of HN URLs are not easily discoverable as there are no links to them in a prominent part on the page, or sometimes even nowhere. The following is a list of links to standard and "special" HN pages. The ones is bold are the less discoverable ones.

See also:


Front page (ranked posts, mix of most upvoted and/or recent posts)

Newest posts

Posts with most active discussions

"Best" (highly voted posts from last few days)

"Classic" front-page (different ranking algorithm)

"Over" (submissions over a fixed threshold from last few days)

All time highest ranked posts:

Posts from a given domain

"Show HN" posts (ranked)

"Show HN" posts (newest)

"Ask HN" posts

Submissions by new users


"Best comments" (highly voted comments from last few days)

Comments by new users


List of HN users sorted by karma


Submit article od "ask HN" entry

Submit a poll


YC startup job posts

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