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Test query

({a: window.PerformanceObserver.supportedEntryTypes, b: window.PerformancePaintTiming, c: navigator.userAgent})


A TP blog says shipped in TP75 which would mean 12.1 stable but I tested in 12.1 and it's not true. It returns undefined. So I asssume 13.0 (I don't have 13.0 to test).

Also I always get empty array on iOS, but maybe it'a an issue with BrowserStack.

12.1 undefined
13.0-14.0 ["mark", "measure", "resource"] 


73: 77: but I observed firstInput in 76 85:

73:  6 ["longtask", "mark", "measure", "navigation", "paint", "resource"]
76:  7 ["firstInput", "longtask", "mark", "measure", "navigation", "paint", "resource"]
78-84: 10 ["element", "first-input", "largest-contentful-paint", "layout-shift", "longtask", "mark", "measure", "navigation", "paint", "resource"]
85-89: 11 ["element", "event", "first-input", "largest-contentful-paint", "layout-shift", "longtask", "mark", "measure", "navigation", "paint", "resource"]


this bug says 66 but it's not true (maybe was behind the flag)

67 no support for API `PerformanceObserver.supportedEntryTypes`
68-83 [ "mark", "measure", "navigation", "resource" ]
84-86 [ "mark", "measure", "navigation", "paint", "resource" ]
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