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Last active Mar 24, 2021
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WebPageTest wishlist 2021

0. Filmstrip page

  • There's no link back to waterfall page
  • Custom end time URL param is not validated. I can put -e:99 and will have 99s worth of filmstrip images (while the test was shorter than that)

1. Re-run the test equivalent which allows changing config

Sometimes I have very elaborate test config which I want to reuse, but slightly change one thing (e.g. add one param to URL). I can easily re-run the test with exact same config, but it's not easy to slightly change config and re-run. You need to re-create the config from scratch by checking multiple checkboxes, and hoping you come up with same exact set of params as before

2. Possibility to redefine the "median run" definition

It's apparently possible to override medianMetric param to tell WPT how to choose the median run. It would be nice to use a custom metric for that (say the first perf entry marked with performance.mark('WptEndMetric')). Maybe it's already possible?

3. Command line input is lost when moving back in the browser history


It has autocomplete=off as a security measure (to prevent remembering sensitive data) which is probably the reason. Perhaps a browser extension could fix that?


  • arrow_left / arrow_right should scroll the filmstrip (regardless where the focus is on the page)
  • URL column should be ~2x wider
    • Maybe even split in two: domain and path?
  • In general, WPT container should be wider. #page has width: 980px, which is very 2005 :)
    • I implicitly assume people analyzing waterfalls tend to have laaaarge screens
    • Although some may have them in vertical

Custom waterfall

  • Rows are not clickable on custom waterfall :(
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