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localStorageWrapper that silently fails (reports error to console) on write fail. This is one of the options to tackle Safari's zero quota of localStorage when in private mode.
* A constructor for a wrapper class implementing the localStorage public interface
* (getItem, setItem, removeItem, key, clear) and some of our extensions
* (getObject, setObject, removeObject, getObjectEvenIfNull).
* The idea is to create global `localStorageWrapper` and `sessionStorageWrapper` variables,
* to be used instead of `localStorage` and `sessionStorage` (see below).
* This is because in Safari on iOS in private mode, localStorage has a quota of 0
* and always throws an exception when trying to save anything.
* Instead of wrapping all localStorage writes with a try-catch, it's better to
* use a wrapper class instead and silently fail when we can not save.
* Note that `localStorageWrapper` does not implement `.length` property of localStorage
* and instead exposes `.getLength()` method (we could have implemented `.length` using
* Object.defineProperty or get syntax, but this is not supported in IE8-).
* @param {Storage} underlyingStorage either localStorage or sessionStorage
* @return Object prototype of a wrapper class that passes the calls to underlyingStorage
* and fails silently on errors
var StorageWrapperProto = function(underlyingStorage) {
return {
/////////////////////////////// WRAPPER OF NATIVE LOCALSTORAGE METHODS//////////////////////////////
key: function(n) {
return underlyingStorage.key(n);
clear: function() {
getItem: function(key) {
return underlyingStorage.getItem(key);
setItem: function(key, value) {
try {
underlyingStorage.setItem(key, value);
} catch (e) {
window.console.error("Error writing to the storage for key = " + key +
"! (this is expected in private mode in Safari)");
removeItem: function(key) {
/////////////////////////////// BELOW ARE OUR CURRENT EXTENSIONS ///////////////////////////////////
getLength: function() {
return underlyingStorage.length;
removeObject: function(key) {
setObject: function(key, value) {
if (value !== null) {
var json = JSON.stringify(value);
this.setItem(key, json);
getObject: function(key) {
var json = null;
json = this.getItem(key);
if (!isUndefined(json) && json != "") {
json = JSON.parse(json);
return json;
* This is to be used when we don't care if something is null in local storage,
* we always want to have an object to store properties on it (this is to be used
* in code paths where we assumed that we will always retrieve proper thing from
* local storage, like user profile, while since Safari in private mode can not
* store anything, it always returns null entries whatever we ask for)
getObjectEvenIfNull: function(key) {
return this.getObject(key) || {};
// this requires `Object.create`; use polyfill if need to support old IEs
window.localStorageWrapper = Object.create(new StorageWrapperProto(window.localStorage));
window.sessionStorageWrapper = Object.create(new StorageWrapperProto(window.sessionStorage));
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