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id address description species diameter
819539 1307 HILLSIDE AVENUE Remove dead 21 inch Live Oak in the ROW. Oak 21
757396 6201 GLEN MEADOW DRIVE Remove Arizona Ash in Front Yard at 6201 Glen Meadow. Arizona Ash 28
785768 2614 DELWOOD PLACE remove fallen post oak backyard Oak 28
733765 1109 FLANAGAN COVE Remove 25" Hackberry Hackberry 25
768887 1000 WISTERIA CIRCLE Full of cavities and in decline, fall hazard Arizona Ash 35
773451 11776 JOLLYVILLE ROAD Cedar elm in parking lot is hollow at the base creating a hazardous situation. The tree is also suffering from girdling roots, canopy decline, an unbalanced crown, borer damage, and mistletoe infection. Tree is recommended for removal due to void beneath tree and lower stem decay. Cedar Elm 23
746882 3801-1/2 EMMA BROWNING AVENUE Remove dead tree / species unknown Hackberry 12
718921 2912 CHERRY LANE URGENT! Remove protected sized cedar elm that is currently leaning and is a hazard. Tree is located at back left corner of house near port-a-potty. It is currently leaning significantly over street. Soil at base of tree is heaving up with apparent root break. Cedar Elm 23
759412 6905 E RIVERSIDE DRIVE Remove dead/heavily damaged Ash tree on lot. ISA has been completed by certified arborist. Remove several other non permit required trees from lot. Tree/Topo survey completed & available. Arizona Ash 36
739216 1203 EDGEWOOD AVENUE Tree Removal Oak 29
838297 2303 BOWMAN AVENUE Remove dead Post Oak, back yard, 2303 Bowman Ave Oak 24
745450 2921 E 13TH STREET proposed removal of a regulated tree (32" diameter post oak) that is diseased and poses an imminent threat to house Oak 32
831544 3001 S CONGRESS AVENUE Removal dead 13" Live Oak Oak 13
681765 4802 RIDGE OAK DR NonDev Res - DB Oak 22
675013 4401 JINX AVE Non-Development Residential Pecan 22
696658 4806 CASWELL AVENUE Removal of pecan tree at corner front of house Pecan 23
778260 705 SPOFFORD STREET tree removal permit recuest for two trees American Elm 29
755404 705 HIGHLAND AVENUE tree removal Oak 27
741795 6202 BROOKSIDE DRIVE Request permit to remove tree rotting at the trunk. Arizona Ash 42
846076 1195 NAVASOTA STREET Diseased, unsafe tree removal Pecan 26
839062 11144 PINEHURST DRIVE Remove ash tree at 11144 Pinehurst Tree is overmature and in poor condition. Arizona Ash 23
695572 6211 PEGGY STREET Removal of Arizona Ash with systemic white rot fungus. Fungus has caused the majority of the tree to fail and is resting on clients roof and fence. We must remove immediately. Arizona Ash 21
743957 14900 FLAT TOP RANCH ROAD Remove hackberry in back yard. Hackberry 20
727620 5906 THAMES DRIVE Remove dying Arizona Ash in ROW over Gaston Place Dr at 5906 Thames Dr. Arizona Ash 22
756277 1612 CLIFFORD AVENUE Removal of declining American Elm American Elm 25
680432 1803 CORONA DR Non-Development Residential Oak 43
747414 2611 PARK BEND DRIVE For the removal of a 21" storm damaged Hackberry. Hackberry 21
839814 1310 JULIET STREET Removal of hazardous Cedar Elm that was previously scoped for pruning/cabling. Cedar Elm 21
694878 5500 N IH 35 SVRD SB NonDev Comm - DB Sycamore 24
721130 10103 QUAIL VALLEY BLVD NonDev Res - DB Arizona Ash 33
819543 3102 GARWOOD STREET Request permission/permit for Dead/Diseased/Imminant Hazard removal of a large American Elm at 3102 Garwood Street, Austin, TX 78702 American Elm 22
742310 7524 GUADALUPE STREET Remove over-mature Ash tree at 7524 Guadalupe St. Arizona Ash 37
772140 1903 BURBANK STREET We have a large tree that is losing limbs, has active decay and bark is falling off. This is in the center of our front yard and we are concerned it may fall on the house, street or driveway Arizona Ash 25
725890 4506 MOUNT VERNON DR Hazard! Non-Dev Res - DB Cedar Elm 27
732010 107 LAUREL LANE Remove dead 41" Post Oak in front yard Oak 41
735284 1800 S LAMAR BOULEVARD Remove 23" Hackberry tree Hackberry 23
791360 3300 MOUNT BONNELL DRIVE Remove low 20 inch limb from multi-stem Heritage Live Oak in ROW Oak 47
828423 1511 SHOAL CREEK BOULEVARD Removal of Cedar Elm, Per Don Gardner, Consulting Arborist, poor-fair condition, roots buried, over parking lot Cedar Elm 10
794262 3120 GARWOOD STREET Remove 42 inch Pecan in the ROW with history of failures and multiple cavities with advanced decay. Pecan 42
730359 4501 RED RIVER STREET American Elm removal American Elm 28
737091 2007 LAZY BROOK remove high risk tree Arizona Ash 37
727290 3201 WINDSOR ROAD Dead post oak, 27.8"DBH, over playground at Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd School. Oak 27
793072 5406 SUNSHINE DRIVE Remove high risk, diseased and rotted sycamore, 3rd tree left of driveway. Sycamore 21
803818 7005 DAUGHERTY STREET Removal of Pecan tree Pecan 22
834066 6707 SHOAL CREEK BOULEVARD Remove over mature Ash Tree in Front Yard at 6707 Shoal Creek Arizona Ash 42
828391 1509 SHOAL CREEK BOULEVARD Removal of Cedar Elm, Per Don Gardner, Consulting Arborist, Poor condition, bad Co-dominant trunk Cedar Elm 11
723468 4805 WOODVIEW AVENUE Remove backyard hackberry tree located on the right side fence line Hackberry 19
768912 3101 ROBINSON AVENUE Removal of Tree that has shifted several degrees and is not at 75 degrees Supported by garage and small cable Oak 26
771484 122 LAUREL LANE Removal of dead Pecan front Pecan 25
808703 7105 CHUCK WAGON TRAIL Remove diseased/dying Arizona Ash tree front yard. Arizona Ash 23
783128 611 JEWELL STREET Emergency removal of American Elm, half of existing canopy failed in the storm. The brake point occurred on the main trunk and revealed extensive rot throughout the heartwood. Remaining leader was imminent risk to fail. American Elm 27
835040 26 MARGRANITA CRESCENT Tree has cavity and is resting on garage. Cedar Elm 29
727076 2102 NEW YORK AVENUE I have a large cedar elm, circumference 75" that has significant mistletoe rot in main trunk and major limbs. It has large limbs over two houses and poses a risk. A private arborist has recommended removal. I need a permit for removal if the city arborist agrees removal is the best option. Cedar Elm 23
679193 7800 LINDENWOOD CIR NonDev Res - DB Oak 20
826927 1511 SHOAL CREEK BOULEVARD Removal of Cedar Elm, Per Don Gardner, Poor-fair condition, mistletoe, roots buried, crown dieback Cedar Elm 11
788184 4005 MICA COVE Remove tree with oak wilt. per Chris Dolan Oak 23
681744 2501 COATBRIDGE DR Non-Development Residential Arizona Ash 30
726579 4528 MERLE DRIVE Remove front yard live oak leaning over driveway. Signs of rot and decay on trunk. Hazardous lean Oak 20
748845 8104 POSTEN LANE declining tree removal. Overmature codominants two stemps only can not prune any more. Dog friendly in premises tree at the end of drive way. American Elm 31
717623 2107 E 3RD STREET Removal of dead elm tree infected with ganoderma lucidum. American Elm 24
773427 12401 RESEARCH BOULEVARD NB Bldg I Large Live Oak in severe decline needs to be removed. Oak 24
723425 11321 BASTOGNE LOOP NonDev Res - KM Oak 26
691821 4907 SADDLE DRIVE Remove 23" Arizona ash in back yard to ground level. Arizona Ash 23
748697 2622 PIPING ROCK TRAIL Remove 28.5" Arizona Ash at back corner of back yard. Tree is 50%+ dead and is hazardous. Arizona Ash 28
824527 2807 FRENCH PLACE Remove (1) 29.5" Pecan on left side of driveway. Pecan 29
703347 8104 STILLWOOD LANE Remove 24" hackberry to ground level. Hackberry 24
739227 12305 CEDARSPUR ROAD Tree Removal Arizona Ash 27
687680 7505 DAUGHERTY ST Non-Development Residential Arizona Ash 43
761313 10709 BERTHOUND DRIVE remove diseased tree in front yard Arizona Ash 25
784253 6212 CROW LANE Remove co-dom Hackberry in ROW with history of utility pruning, mistletoe and advanced decay. Hackberry 22
673490 9503 HANSFORD DR Non-Development Residential Arizona Ash 23
700211 4707 ARAPAHOE PASS tree removal Sycamore 20
824422 9500 DESSAU ROAD Remove 29 inch Arizona Ash in ROW over 9400 block Marlborough Dr at 9500 Dessau Rd. Arizona Ash 29
826634 205 E MONROE STREET Remove 28 inch Arizona Ash in ROW at 205 E MONROE ST. Arizona Ash 28
821244 5300 SUMMERSET TRAIL Remove dead 20 inch Cedar Elm in the ROW over Smith Oak Trl at 5300 Summerset Trl. Cedar Elm 20
683230 2201 MAPLE HOLLOW TRL Non-Development Residential Arizona Ash 26
757324 1510 WESTOVER ROAD I have a diseased/dying/dead oak tree in my front yard and a certified arborist said it needs to be removed as it poses danger to children playing, property damage, and city street damage. Oak 25
810166 4330 AIRPORT BOULEVARD Remove decayed Hackberry in ROW Hackberry 24
733169 808 NORWALK LANE Remove post oak with signs of rot and decay on base of trunk Oak 33
805290 715 HENDERSON STREET Remove declining Arizona ash tree. Arizona Ash 16
736955 6214 SUN VISTA DRIVE Remove dead 18+13 inch Live Oak in ROW reported by city Oak Wilt Specialist Oak 24
769687 5701 DELWOOD DRIVE Remove 32" dbh declining Arizona Ash Arizona Ash 32
800392 2613 CARNARVON LANE Remove declining co-dominant Arizona Ash in the ROW at 2613 Carnarvon Ln. Arizona Ash 25
735018 8601 CIMA OAK LANE Bldg A tree permit recuest Arizona Ash 29
755986 10202 OLD MANCHACA ROAD Dead tree at residential property. Tree needs to be removed. Cedar Elm 25
701690 3100 ROGGE LANE Removal of diseased AZ ash on playground Arizona Ash 35
741844 1305 FAIRWOOD ROAD Pecan in decline and almost completely dead. Pecan 26
782491 3309 SKYLARK DRIVE Remove Arizona ash tree (circumference: 126 inches when measured 4�� feet above ground). Tree is more than 50 years old and well past its expected lifespan. Saturday, August 26, it dropped a large limb during the storm. Arborist Carl Joiner is very concerned that entire tree may fall at anytime, causing serious damage to nearby City of Austin power lines, house on property, fence, and serious bodily injury/death to anyone who happens to be within tree's path when it falls. Arizona Ash 40
738581 4705 EVANS AVENUE Remove diseased and weakened hackberry tree near rear corner of house at 4705 Evans Ave 78751. Threatening to break and fall on house. Hackberry 27
679311 1100 KINGSBURY ST Non-Development Public Cedar Elm 22
844854 9332 BERNOULLI DRIVE Tree is in decline Arizona Ash 33
823639 4600 TEJAS TRAIL removal of high risk heritage size american elm American Elm 35
677217 2207 E CESAR CHAVEZ ST Non-Development Commercial American Elm 40
694405 11203 PICKFAIR DRIVE NonDev Res - DB Cedar Elm 25
774284 4504 AVENUE F Remove a large, dead tree from the front yard of our property Oak 33
676885 3909 BALCONES DR Non-Development Residential Oak 24
783131 1706 AGGIE LANE massive 60 year old tree, limbs coming down and hitting roof, tree trimmer said there are a lot of holes in higher limbs, strong winds knock down limbs would like to have tree cut down or significantly reduced in size American Elm 63
787174 6505 CLUBWAY LANE Remove diseased Ash Arizona Ash 32
828397 1509 SHOAL CREEK BOULEVARD Removal of Cedar Elm, Per Don Gardner, Consulting Arborist, Poor-fair condition, Decay at old break Cedar Elm 11
781506 4709 CIRCLE OAK COVE Removal for an overmature backyard Arizona ash tree that recently dropped a large limb Arizona Ash 35
772970 2009 GARDEN STREET Removal of heritage sized Pecan Tree Pecan 35
752763 1406 OXFORD AVENUE Removal - 32" pecan Pecan 32
759025 2012 RUNDELL PLACE Removal of a 23.5 inch protected Pecan with Varnish conk Pecan 23
740976 1707 DARTMOUTH AVENUE Remove 21" DBH Sycamore Sycamore 21
737808 7121 N LAMAR BOULEVARD Remove 8.5" Hackberry growing very close to structure Hackberry 8
704533 1802 LORETO DRIVE Remove dead ash tree ~28" dbh Arizona Ash 28
800187 1901 SCHULLE AVENUE Dead and diseased tree, risk assessment by aroborist, Don Gardner Hackberry 19
795581 1200 W CESAR CHAVEZ STREET Removal of a 23"DBH dead pecan tree in parkland. Pecan 23
726931 4528 MERLE DRIVE Decay at base of tree. See photos and risk assessment Oak 20
737049 9815 SERVICE AVENUE Evaluate a injured tagged oak tree (159) may need to be removed (safety hazard) Oak 31
679190 TEXAS BEEF COUNCIL Non-Development Commercial Oak 25
703703 11604 BIG TRAIL Tree removal of declined storm damaged Arizona Ash the is a safety concern in front yard right side. Arizona Ash 21
827940 1700 W ST JOHNS AVENUE remove Sycamore in front yard at 1700 W. St Johns, in decline Sycamore 22
801519 1705 S 5TH STREET Removal of Hackberry 21 inch dbh. Tree was beginning to fail at root system and began pushing into fence. Tree was removed on emergency basis. Hackberry 21
710151 6302 SHOAL CREEK BOULEVARD Front yard American elm - Overmature. Dropping large limbs. Rot and decay at base of trunk American Elm 35
674944 2102 HOPI TRL Non-Development Residential Oak 22
803500 5904 WOODVIEW AVENUE Remove and grind stump of the Arizona Ash in the front yard. It is past its life span (approx. 40-50 yrs), has shed very large limbs from the top of the tree into right of ways, and is a significant cause of concern that it poses a safety hazard to people and property. I will plant a native, drought-tolerant tree in the front yard to replace it. Arizona Ash 45
745987 8107 SHADOWOOD DRIVE Decay and rot on main stem Sycamore 26
687521 1100 FLORADALE DR NonDev Res - DB Hackberry 32
673448 4205 CLAWSON RD Non-Development Residential Hackberry 20
786035 10106 WOODSTOCK DRIVE Rot & Decay at base of tree. Tree roots are destroying plumbing. Arizona Ash 28
752711 2103 MEADOWBROOK DRIVE Permit for removal of dead tree. It was already approved for removal more than a year ago due to disease. Now totally dead as confirmed by arborist Guy LeBlanc. Oak 21
824907 1510 BRENTWOOD STREET Tree removal for a diseased arizona ash, it has multiple splits, white rot. Over a structure, very dangerous. Arizona Ash 36
707874 1617 PINE KNOLL DR NonDev Res - DB Arizona Ash 38
693761 4104 Idlewild Road NonDev Res - DB Cedar Elm 31
798197 4308 MARATHON BOULEVARD Permission to take down Hackberry tree that is potential danger. Hackberry 22
713297 2210 W 49TH STREET 23 inch Cedar Elm in ROW - Over 60% of canopy is dead, and continuing to regress according to homeowner Cedar Elm 23
733291 2109 E CESAR CHAVEZ STREET removal of dead Pecan Pecan 24
782765 4000 MANCHACA ROAD 19 1/2 inch Cedar Elm has failed main stem, multiple cavities, decay, compromised root crown. Cedar Elm 19
694871 1210 W ST JOHNS AVE NonDev Res - DB Sycamore 32
790819 502 LONG BOW LANE removal of hazardous tree American Elm 27
745629 5307 INDUSTRIAL OAKS BOULEVARD - Remove to grade dying live oak and Arizona ash tree at industrial office building/grounds. Oak 17
737838 1808 E 22ND STREET urgent removal needed or decayed heritage tree. American elm - 24" dbh on west side of house American Elm 24
784474 3511 BRIDLE PATH We are requesting a tree inspection for a post oak that has serious lightning damage and are afraid could be a hazard. Oak 23
805798 5904 WOODVIEW AVENUE Remove and grind stump of the Arizona Ash in the front yard. It is past its life span (approx. 40-50 yrs), has shed very large limbs from the top of the tree into right of ways, and is a significant cause of concern that it poses a safety hazard to people and property. I will plant a native, drought-tolerant tree in the front yard to replace it. Arizona Ash 45
730006 4800 WEST WIND TRAIL Remove 33 inch Arizona Ash in ROW at 4800 West Wind Trl - decay in root crown and large dead limbs Arizona Ash 33
685095 7726 CROFTWOOD DRIVE non-development Arizona Ash 32
694870 1626 NASH HERNANDEZ SR RD NonDev Public - DB American Elm 58
718854 10407 SPICEWOOD MESA Remove compromised 28 inch Hackberry in ROW with history of failures Hackberry 28
797378 724 SPARKS AVENUE Removal of Live Oak. Tree leans at approx 45 degrees over neighbors house. Trunk is hollow right above grade and cavity at grade is in excess of 14 inches into the tree. Oak 26
787521 12313 WIPPLE TREE COVE Remove imminent hazard tree Pecan 24
795712 5700 BREEZEWOOD DRIVE Remove Hackberry in Back Yard at 5700 Breezewood. Tree is loosing major branches, threat to property. Hackberry 21
785520 3601 NEEDLES DRIVE Permit to cut a tree down. It is diseased and is dying back.It has a big hole in the trunk. Pecan 23
680481 6903 VASSAR DR Non-Development Residential Hackberry 22
676836 6807 BRYN MAWR DR Non-Development Residential Hackberry 21
743951 2324 TOWNES LANE Removal of declining post oak center of driveway Oak 25
784073 3907 CORDOVA DRIVE Remove Hackberry at left side of front yard at 3907 Cordova Hackberry 22
694879 4707 AVENUE G NonDev Res - DB Pecan 29
771562 3422 S LAMAR BOULEVARD Removal of dead Live Oak Oak 30
742448 1709 DARTMOUTH AVENUE Remove Declining 21" Sycamore Sycamore 21
777469 2323 SAN ANTONIO STREET Tree has fallen onto AT&T lines and pole. Pole is broken and hazardous. The tree needs to be removed before the pole can be replaced safely. Hackberry 22
784238 1515 RUTH AVENUE Remove dead 22 inch Arizona Ash in ROW over Arroyo Seco. Arizona Ash 22
734679 2402 SAN GABRIEL STREET Remove 20 in Sycamore with dead codominant stem targeting ROW at 2402 San Gabriel St Sycamore 20
799315 4407 BALCONES WOODS DRIVE Large Ash tree has fungus and decay Arizona Ash 61
712122 1309 MERIDEN LANE Tree is dead and hazard to fall Oak 21
692457 3009 MC ELROY DR NonDev Res - DB Arizona Ash 31
673179 1122 TERRY DRIVE NonDev Res - DB Arizona Ash 30
800362 1801 E 13TH STREET Remove leaning 25 inch Hackberry in the ROW with signs of soil heaving opposite lean and advanced decay. Hackberry 25
812673 3851 MANOR ROAD PARD Urban Forestry will be removing 3 heritage sized dead trees at Morris Williams Golf Course on 11/13 for safety concerns. 19" pine; 20.5" pine; 34.5" american elm. American Elm 34
737805 7121 N LAMAR BOULEVARD Remove 14" Hackberry Hackberry 14
751934 1725 W ANDERSON LANE Decay & rot on main stem. Large cavity on main stem. Tree is lopped sided. Hazard to home, business & pedestrians. Hackberry 36
778389 11202 BENDING BOUGH TRAIL The tree's health is declining and one leader has already split and is hanging. Arizona Ash 22
709358 2211 E WINDSOR ROAD Remove Cedar Elm at southwest corner of the house. Cedar Elm 29
719335 1900 EVA STREET Remove hazardous tree too close to house American Elm 23
681936 7401 SH 45 EB Non-Development Public Oak 23
787201 3301 HEMLOCK AVENUE remove tree damaged by the storm Cedar Elm 26
819802 2410 JARRATT AVENUE Cedar Elm #504 removal Property currently under review for a Building permit 2017-11379PR (11/9/17 -NJ) Cedar Elm 23
768884 6504 BROWNWOOD COURT Has cavities, diseased and dying Hackberry 24
687670 1711 ALEGRIA RD NonDev Res - DB American Elm 25
726616 4407 GANYMEDE DRIVE Remove over mature ash tree at 4407 Ganymede. The tree has root rot. Arizona Ash 21
745767 1801 KINNEY AVENUE Removal of dead Elm tree, limbs keep falling to the ground. American Elm 30
713162 1409 CANTERBURY STREET Unit B A few sections of dead branches have recently fallen, causing damage to my fence. My neighbor and I are concerned that if a larger piece were to fall it would damage our homes or even worse hurt someone. There are sections that don't look healthy and I'm hoping that you guys can tell me whether it looks safe or if it needs to be trimmed/removed. Since we are Unit B you can only reach our property via the alley that runs between Canterbury St and Garden St. American Elm 35
817753 6406 MAUNA KEA DRIVE Cut down nearly-dead live-oak tree. Tree recently lost limb, ca. 6" diameter. Some remaining limbs overhang roof of house. Tree has 2 trunks, larger of which has diameter ca. 22". Oak 22
717360 4604 S 1ST STREET Cracked main stem that is a hazard to home and people Hackberry 28
793019 5406 SUNSHINE DRIVE Remove high risk, diseased, rotted, and termite infested sycamore, 2nd tree left of driveway. Sycamore 24
810716 4408 NORWOOD LANE We need to remove two dead trees at the back of the lot. They are split and rotted. Hackberry 24
674947 8003 TANTARA CT Non-Development Residential Hackberry 46
812878 7105 CHERRY MEADOW DRIVE Remove 19 inch Hackberry in ROW with history of failures that is pushing up sidewalk. Hackberry 19
815960 4800 WEST PARK DRIVE Diseased tree needing removal American Elm 41
814931 3811 HALF PENNY ROAD Complete removal or limb removal of hazardous, diseased tree. Arizona Ash 35
750964 1611 W 14th Street Removal of dead oak tree, see attached photos. Complete address is 1306 W Lynn St, Austin, TX 78703. There is a church and a school at this address. The tree is located at the school in the playground. We could not pull up the address on the property search. Oak 28
716288 1108 EMMITT RUN Removal of dead Pecan in back yard. Pecan 25
824741 4606 SANTA ANNA STREET Requesting permission to remove a dead tree. American Elm 25
701445 2100 BARTON SPRINGS ROAD Removal of Arizona ash in poor condition at the Zilker Hillside Theater Arizona Ash 40
822705 9201 HEATHERWOOD DRIVE Has a several large cavity and is a hazard Hackberry 25
765353 11501 NORTH OAKS DRIVE Need permit to remove dead Pecan Tree in the SW corner of the backyard. The trunk is rotten. Limbs hitting electrical lines. Pecan 40
826202 5309-1/2 E RIVERSIDE DRIVE Removal of a dead/diseased 20.5" DBH Arizona ash tree. Arizona Ash 20
773699 800 INTERCHANGE BOULEVARD Removal of broken tree. Pecan 38
763492 1711 PAYNE AVENUE Front yard (left side) Arizona ash has rot and decay at base of trunk. Visible carpenter ant damage in area of decay Arizona Ash 23
768977 2015 PEQUENO STREET Hazardous over mature Ash tree in back with dry rot, keeps dropping limbs. Arizona Ash 23
772289 605 ACADEMY DRIVE I have taken photos of a 80 ft + hackberry which is rotted in a slit to the core. It was not notices since the slit is facing away from my property. The hackberry has a 2 foot diameter base and a 80 foot + canopy estimated by the truck shadow. One of the trees two forks overhangs our 605 Academy Drive residence. I am requesting immediate removal of the overhanging hackberry. I have taken several photos of it overhanging the house, the rotten truck and the beginning stages of a horizontal crack about two foot from the ground. Hackberry 24
724348 5011 HIGHLAND COURT Tree is a hazard. Losing large limbs. Large cavity. Arizona Ash 55
733274 5006 ALLYSON COURT overly mature - heavy limbs over house/street/sidewalk- cracking 3 trunks 3 places Arizona Ash 35
731632 1311 WESTMOOR DR NonDev Res - DB Arizona Ash 28
776509 2702 STACY LANE Removal of hazardous sycamore. Sycamore 37
823048 1603 SHOAL CREEK BOULEVARD Removal of Cedar Elm, per Don Gardner, Poor Condition, mistletoe, decay at bend Cedar Elm 19
786268 7108 GENEVA DRIVE Remove hazardous tree. Arizona Ash 25
833167 7607 WATSON STREET Remove protected tree in poor condition Arizona Ash 20
709507 8308 COCHRANE COVE Removal of dead tree Arizona Ash 22
719758 2007 STAMFORD LANE Remove elm that appears to have shifted and leaning on home back left corner Cedar Elm 22
736576 10821 ALBERO COVE remove dead tree Oak 24
827007 522 SUNNY LANE Remove 28" Pecan tree from property that is dead and creating a hazard. Tree Label#68 on Survey. Pecan 34
821822 4813 COPPERBEND BOULEVARD Remove Dead Arizona Ash at 4813 Copper Bend Blvd. Arizona Ash 28
719752 2403 ROEHAMPTON DRIVE tree is diseased, oozing coming from the trunk, trunk is pretty much hollow Hackberry 30
680496 4607 ROSEDALE AVE Non-Development Residential Sycamore 28
711824 3306 GLEN ROSE DRIVE Arizona Ash in the front yard has decay at the base of tree and is over mature. Hazardous. Arizona Ash 27
707139 1505 NORTHWOOD ROAD Remove 25" declining Live Oak in back near garage with Ganoderma at base of tree. Oak 25
726227 2009 E 2ND STREET previous failures, major limbs Pecan 31
753814 2413 E 9TH STREET A storm broke branches on the tree in the back yard and have discovered it has trunk rot. Requesting tree be cut down & removed from the property, as it is causing a hazard to the neighbors and people passing by. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks Cedar Elm 48
715036 4602 Cliffstone Cove NonDev Res - DB Oak 36
746264 11118 ALHAMBRA DRIVE Removal of ganaderma infected post oak that is actively heaving. Tree is 23.8 inches at DBH Oak 23
720249 2407 COLLINS STREET remove a 21" Hackberry with heart rot in main trunk Hackberry 21
753104 906 HOLLYBLUFF STREET There is an Arizona Ash tree in the front yard with a large crater in it, and filled with concrete. Can this tree be removed? I can email pictures if needed. Arizona Ash 36
749993 1606 HETHER STREET Want to remove Arizona Ash in backyard. It is leaning toward house and partially rotted...would like to re-landscape. Arizona Ash 19
738552 705 KING EDWARD PLACE 42'dbh ash tree Tree is old and has had many previous branch failures the bark is starting to show signs of decay discoloration. Large overextend branches with heavy unbalanced weight Arizona Ash 42
694881 812 THERESA AVE NonDev Res (T1) - DB Oak 23
703705 12103 SCISSORTAIL DRIVE Removal of Dead Ash tree right of driveway Arizona Ash 24
716789 4607 AVENUE H Hackberry 20 1/4 dbh, removal Hackberry 20
758218 3507 MEREDITH STREET Hazardous and broken in house & falling apart American Elm 30
697595 915 CONNECTICUT DRIVE Removal of American Elm. Tree is in very poor health and has multiple large cavities and extensive rot. Tree poses safety risk to home and client. American Elm 20
793113 7908 BURRELL DRIVE tree cracked, over/blocking cars in driveway), over 30% rmv- should remove to ground Arizona Ash 24
690641 901 POSSUM TROT NonDev Public - DB Cedar Elm 20
673447 1020 E 45TH ST Non-Development Commercial Arizona Ash 54
806105 1704 MARGARET STREET Hazardous, dead tree, failing over roof- off balanced. 10/12/17 Cedar Elm in center of front yard is approved to be removed. Condition is Hazardous, poor structure, integrity has been compromised from previous storm damage. Cedar Elm 25
818028 4000 DUVAL STREET Remove dead 23 inch Pecan in the ROW Pecan 23
779636 1101 GROVE BOULEVARD Remove declining Arizona ash. Arizona Ash 44
792833 5406 SUNSHINE DRIVE Remove high risk, diseased and rotted sycamore at north side of house in back yard. Sycamore 33
751059 7545 BURNET ROAD Remove 21 inch Hackberry from the ROW behind 7545 Burnet Rd. Hackberry 21
804183 9622 POINT VISTA PLACE Removing a Dead Ash Tree that⿿s over 19 inches in diameter Arizona Ash 19
704234 1004 WILLOW ST NonDev Res DB Pecan 20
776087 8202 MILLWAY DRIVE hazardous, imminent danger, overly mature ASH, major targets, ISA TX-4206A deamed extremely dangerous- immd removal Arizona Ash 30
723896 52 CHALMERS AVENUE Wanting to put a 200 sq ft room and bath near this tree. American Elm 29
701693 1704 CHANNEL ROAD Remove mature hackberry that is severe risk to property given previous loss of crown, major decay, decline,lean and balance of tree. Hackberry 28
812707 2609 S 5TH STREET Emergency removal of severely compromised Hackberry. Tree has extensive rot in trunk, and is an imminent risk to fail. Tree is endangering both home and vehicles. Hackberry 23
712983 1803 W ST JOHNS AVENUE Tree Removal, Imminent Hazard American Elm 58
786757 811 E 41ST STREET Retroactive removal permit for a 20" DBH Pecan that failed during the Hurricane Harvey Storm. Pecan 20
694883 812 THERESA AVE NonDev Res (T3) - DB Oak 23
837810 1129 MARK STREET Our residence currently has a tree that is tagged and presents potential damage to both our own and neighbors property. Would like to have it safely trimmed to prevent potential residential damage. Hackberry 47
725656 11603 NATRONA DRIVE Tree is cracking and splitting in half on main stem. Hazardous to home and people. obvious signs of decay/rot. Tree is pulling itself apart, needs to be removed asap. Arizona Ash 30
768621 2218 LINDELL AVENUE Removal of Heritage Tree in hazardous condition American Elm 38
683235 2603 LEHIGH DR NonDev Res - DB Oak 28
739934 4701 DUVAL STREET Unit A I have an old/damaged Arizona Ash at 4701 Duval ST. 78751 and was wondering if I could get a city arborist to come out and assess whether I should have it removed or if it's ok to continue to maintain it (deep fertilize roots, trim). The private arborist I contacted wouldn't work on the tree without a permit/approval from the city to do so. Thanks Arizona Ash 43
845246 7105 GREENOCK STREET remove multi stem ash Arizona Ash 20
707627 915 E MEADOWMERE LANE Remove declining 27" DBH Arizona ash Arizona Ash 27
808755 4612 FINLEY DRIVE Hazardous tree leaning over house, co-dominant Stem- with a split Hackberry 31
685703 8510 ROCKWOOD LN Non-Development Residential Arizona Ash 27
708820 3907 BAILEY LANE An existing 24" live oak is on the property. It has been examined by a Registered Consulting Arborist #438, Don Gardner. His assessment states that the tree has only 5% foliage and that most of the crown is dead. I need a permit to be able to remove this tree prior before any damage may occur due to its condition and possible falling. Oak 24
841755 702 E 3RD STREET HAZARDOUS tree removal permit for heritage American elm. Jim Dymkowski has seen/confirmed hazard in person. American Elm 27
785562 2410 QUARRY ROAD Removal of 22" hazardous/dead Post Oak in front of residence. Tag #236. Oak 22
766835 8414 BOWLING GREEN DRIVE Removal of hazardous ash Arizona Ash 39
840505 1301 W 25TH STREET Removal of hazard tree American Elm 30
830910 4600 AVENUE D Remove split co-dominant 33 inch American Elm in the ROW over W 46th St at 4600 Avenue D. American Elm 33
769597 1702 MARGARET STREET 3 trunk American Elm in dangerous decline in-between 2 houses American Elm 36
686787 108 E 48TH STREET non-development Sycamore 20
694671 1407 PRESTON AVENUE Permit to remove decaying Pecan tree that is larger than the 60" diameter code. Pecan 30
745313 4709 DEPEW AVENUE Remove Hackberry in back yard in poor condition. 4709 Depew Ave. Austin, Tx Hackberry 22
808920 2017 PAYNE AVENUE tree removal permit of disease/rotten tree. The pecan tree in back has several rotting spots around the trunk at chest height. A major limb was removed previously because it was dead. Worried the tree may fall on cars or tenants Pecan 28
692434 13154 MILL STONE DRIVE I have removed a tree that I found out was against the rules due to its size, even though it was deceased. I am requesting the permit after the fact. I have pictures of the diseased tree and was unaware I could not remove a deseased Hackberry without a permit. Apparently a neighbor called the city to report I was having the tree removed and a city inspector, Levi Singleton, measured it and said it was 20 inches 4 ft. From the base requiring a permit for the removal. I have emailed him the pictures of the deseased part of the tree. The tree and all debris has been removed. There are 3 large Oaks in the same area that were not removed or disturbed. Hackberry 20
726235 5305 WHEELER BRANCH CIRCLE hazadrous Arizona Ash 25
781472 1311 ALGUNO ROAD Remove an Arizona Ashe that was damaged by winds during Harvey. Half of the tree split off and landed on our house. Need to remove the remainder of the tree. Arizona Ash 38
733985 1007 CUMBERLAND ROAD Remove cracked & rotting Arizona Ash 32" Arizona Ash 32
673483 2702 CLARKDALE LN Non-Development Resdential Arizona Ash 27
750545 1416 SUFFOLK DRIVE Removal of diseased Sycamore Sycamore 19
817946 4412 S 1ST STREET previous failures; in wires Sycamore 25
838038 2004 PAYNE AVENUE Unit B Remove declining hackberry. Hackberry 21
722000 4500 TAMARACK TRAIL Remove hazardous Arizona Ash tree in backyard. Arizona Ash 37
778403 2210 NEW YORK AVENUE Half of canopy broke off and has a large cavity Oak 31
815948 600 DEEP EDDY AVENUE Co-dominant American Elm in ROW has split limb resting on service drop representing half of live canopy. American Elm 25
712557 4832 CANYONBEND CIRCLE Photo is dead Live Oak in ROW (likely Oak Wilt) on Canyonbend in Travis Country Confirmed dbh of tree. It is 29" --Chris Dolan Oak Wilt Suppression Program Coordinator Oak 29
831492 2713 ADDISON AVENUE Remove Hackberry at 2713 Addison in Back Yard Hackberry 23
726886 1118 LINDEN STREET Unit A American Elm tree at 1118 A Linden St. needs to be removed because it is rotting in the middle and has already lost some limbs damaging the house and electrical lines. American Elm 35
847661 1200 HASKELL STREET remove declining tree in bad shape American Elm 27
771124 707 UPSON STREET Remove dead live oak. Oak 30
834939 604 CAROLYN AVENUE Pecan- co-dominant stem- cracking over roof Pecan 34
788726 1505 FAIRFIELD DRIVE Removal of diseased tree in eminent proximity to dwelling. Arizona Ash 21
843873 3308 GLENVIEW AVENUE 35" Pecan with co-dominant stems and weak union over roof of house. Tree has been severely topped in the past and has weak new growth near utility lines with exposure to decay. Pecan 35
791823 7204 WHISPERING OAKS DRIVE Remove 22 inch Cedar Elm in ROW following major limb failure that exposed extensive cavity with advanced decay. Cedar Elm 22
756915 10514 TIMBERCREST LANE remove dead oak tree in back yard at 10514 Timbercrest Oak 19
677213 2520 HARRIS BLVD Non-Development Residential Oak 22
685694 5907 GLENHOLLOW PATH Non-Development Residential Arizona Ash 30
681787 704 S LAMAR BLVD NonDev Comm - DB Oak 24
683233 5413 PEPPERTREE PKWY Non-Development Residential Arizona Ash 31
697790 8104 STILLWOOD LN NonDev Res - DB Hackberry 24
673478 1510 SUFFOLK DR Non- Development Residential Arizona Ash 23
782414 1404 VALLEYRIDGE DRIVE Remove hazardous hackberry tree with a large split in trunk and co-dominant stems. Hackberry 24
711864 1206 BICKLER ROAD Remove two imminent hazard trees that were previously permitted for removal. Cedar Elm 29
768400 4702 PHILCO DRIVE Need a permit for an American Elm that is 70 years old, 45 feet tall that is 90 inches around and is diseased and starting to break apart (i.e. falling on my house/at risk for hurting someone). American Elm 28
828417 1511 SHOAL CREEK BOULEVARD Removal of Cedar Elm, Per Don Gardner, Consulting Arborist, poor-fair condition, mistletoe, lean, co-dominant trunk Cedar Elm 13
726747 403 ZENNIA STREET Tree removal - I would like to have a tree in my front yard removed as I believe it poses to be a hazard to my home's, and neighbor's, safety. The tree is to be removed and hauled off down the main trunk. American Elm 28
719277 2203 BOWMAN AVENUE Removal permit for hazardous tree Cedar Elm 23
773616 408 RAMBLE LANE Hazardous Arizona Ash Tree Removal Arizona Ash 36
673474 12500 ORO VALLEY TRL Non-Development Residential Arizona Ash 30
732544 5804 WYNONA AVENUE Removal of 1 Arizona ash in front yard by street that has been topped. Removal of 1 pecan tree in back of property that has been topped. Arizona Ash 35
742322 1716 GILES STREET Remove American Elm tree, with root rot, in poor condition. American Elm 25
724207 3602 COOKSTOWN DRIVE The tree is a hazard to the home, it is over mature, decaying at the base and declining. Arizona Ash 32
817855 1704 MARGARET STREET hazardous- half broken on neighbors; nothing left- dangerous; dead American Elm 31
676882 6006 WESTCREEK DR Non-Development Residential Arizona Ash 26
687675 6201 GLEN MEADOW DR Non-Development Residential Arizona Ash 25
703477 3304 FUNSTON STREET Unit B Need to remove a limb that has a serious inclusion and concrete in it. This limb removal will constitute approximately 25% of canopy. Cedar Elm 32
703482 2105 MEADOWBROOK DRIVE Removal of 22" dead Post Oak in back near the pool. Oak 22
685699 3219 DUVAL ST NonDev Res - DB Cedar Elm 19
728685 2600-2609 RATTAN CIRCLE Tree split during storm, landed on house and became a huge hazard. Do to it falling on the house it was needing to be removed immediately for the safety of everyone. Cedar Elm 26
793427 1514 W BRAKER LANE Remove dead 23 inch Arizona Ash in ROW at 1514 W Braker Ln Arizona Ash 23
695976 715 PATTERSON AVENUE NonDev Res - DB Cedar Elm 23
685701 2905 E 5TH ST NonDev Res - DB Pecan 20
710236 3501 S 1ST STREET Bldg 3 Removal of a protected tree Arizona Ash 33
812324 11600 FRUITWOOD PLACE I need a permit to remove a dead tree from the property. Arizona Ash 20
845612 2903 CLARICE COURT Removal of dead Hackberry. Hackberry 23
810181 2211 EAST SIDE DRIVE Remove 39 inch Arizona Ash in ROW that suffered recent scaffold failure Arizona Ash 39
830821 1602 EDGEWOOD AVENUE Multi trunked tree in front yard is dying. A section fell into driveway, revealing rot. The rest of the tree looks imminent, with rot showing in all trunks. Part is over house, and part is over street parking and power lines. Austin Energy won't proceed without TORA permit Arizona Ash 24
706415 13156 MILL STONE DRIVE Tree removal for a Hackberry tree that has a large hole in the trunk. Hackberry 23
791869 3414 FOOTHILL PARKWAY Remove hazardous tree. Emergency tree removal due to Harvey storm damage. Cedar Elm 20
830079 3313 BOWMAN AVENUE Tree removal due to poor condition. This is an update to an existing application because I am unable to add an attachment to that application. Pecan 27
839316 902 POST OAK STREET We just closed on the purchase of a home and took possession today. There is a tree which I believe is dangerous and diseased which should be removed. Oak 22
785930 6001 BULLARD DRIVE Removal of Arizona ash Arizona Ash 27
845597 211 E WILLIAM CANNON DRIVE Remove declining heritage live oak in back lawn of Library Oak 22
836821 2525 SOUTH LAKESHORE BOULEVARD Removal of 23" hackberry from rear parking area of the PARD Central Maintenance Complex. Tree has the decay fungus kretzschmaria deustra at the base, substantially contributing to the risk of tree failure. Hackberry 23
849219 4800 WOODVIEW AVENUE hazardous -major limb & splitting over roofs. Hackberry 25
819520 1707 GILES STREET Declining American elm in need of removal American Elm 27
687547 105 W 51ST ST NonDev Comm - DB Hackberry 15
785860 7911 WHEEL RIM CIRCLE Removal of Cedar Elm that is greater than 19" in diameter. The tree is in bad condition and drops large branches some 15' long on the sidewalk, yard, and road in front of property. This has happened on multiple occasions and was determined to be a danger requiring removal. Cedar Elm 20
734655 319 S CONGRESS AVENUE Remove 22 inch Arizona Ash in ROW at 319 S Congress Ave. Arizona Ash 22
790561 2804 S 4TH STREET remove diseased 21" Live Oak, reviewed on site and approved for removal by Dylan Bahoosh Oak 21
706401 1300 JULY DRIVE Dead Arizona Ash removal Arizona Ash 24
711538 12403 WYCLIFF LANE Remove the large branch of the oak tree that is hanging over the left-hand side of the house where the roof has already been altered. Oak 37
792548 1304 VARGAS ROAD Removal of 44" Az ash Arizona Ash 44
692467 1405 CULLEN AVE NonDev Res - DB American Elm 26
829140 2600 N LAMAR BOULEVARD Removal of a 30.5" DBH dead Arizona ash tree. Arizona Ash 30
841551 1911 SAN ANTONIO STREET Removal of hazardous Pecan tree over playground at St Austin Catholic School. Pecan 36
721252 2019 FORD STREET We want to remove a 21.5 inch dead pecan tree in the back yard at 2019 Ford St. 78704 Pecan 21
730231 13225 HYMEADOW CIRCLE Remove dead 20" Live Oak in front yard Oak 20
719526 9405 DALLUM DRIVE dying tree imminent hazard Sycamore 21
706131 3202 HOLLYWOOD AVENUE Front yard pecan tree w/cavity Pecan 20
821529 5416 PORSCHE LANE Removal of 31" Live Oak with wind damage from Hurricane Harvey. Tree has come uprooted on one side and has a very large mound of dirt built up on back side of tree and is now leaning towards street. It is hard to see the mound behind the tree in the picture but it is enough for concern. Oak 31
744674 1201 E 12TH STREET Request for City Arborist to evaluate a sick pecan tree that is 27" in diameter at 4.5' high. Tree base is approx. 50% rotted. Pecan 27
676848 4604 COBBLER CV Non-Development Residential Arizona Ash 26
769501 912 E 46TH STREET Request removal of dying tree on the SW corner of my front yard. Arizona Ash 46
673449 2316 W 8TH ST Non-Development Residential Cedar Elm 22
710831 6809 PIONEER PLACE Greetings, We are seeking a TORA to remove an Arizona Ash tree that is an imminent hazard and dying. Frequently, large branches from the tree have fallen onto the side walk and onto the road. Thank you, Kelly Keel Linden 512-750-2595 Arizona Ash 33
790624 4612 ROSEDALE AVENUE My professional Tree Remover requested I get a permit because the tree is tall, old and unhealthy. He says I am required to have one to remove a tree this large. Pecan 24
755145 2012 RUNDELL PLACE Removal of fallen tree that failed at base Pecan 21
828384 1509 SHOAL CREEK BOULEVARD Removal of Cedar Elm, Per Don Gardner, Consulting Arborist, Poor-fair condition, Co-dominant trunk, all at lean Cedar Elm 19
738574 1106 FAIRMOUNT AVENUE removal of American Elm American Elm 33
699624 3715 WESTLAKE DRIVE Remove protected dead cedar elm located at the right of house Cedar Elm 22
818485 2405 RIO GRANDE STREET Tree over pruned multiple times, mainly dead needs removed, signs of disease in foliage. Pecan 23
700217 4207 Clawson NonDev Res - DB Hackberry 36
738894 5902 HIGHLAND PASS Remove dead 25 inch Live Oak in ROW at 5902 Highland Pass.* Oak 25
676810 1710 ALAMEDA DR Non-Development Residential American Elm 28
762950 5006 HIGHLAND COURT Arizona Ash tree split and broke off in storm and has become a hazard. Arizona Ash 23
721894 1006 CHESAPEAKE DRIVE Tree has cavities and has been losing large limbs going over house. Arizona Ash 23
734163 1408 ROCKCLIFF ROAD Tree Removal Due to disease and falling branches. Pecan 26
726843 1201 E 4TH STREET Pecan is dead, rotting, at risk of falling & is hazardous to property and street traffic. Pecan 23
723306 1801 E CESAR CHAVEZ STREET 20" co-dominant Hackberry removal along right fence-line, in back yard. Tree hangs over structure and utility drops for two properties. Hackberry 20
738549 1202 E 8TH STREET tree cracked and broken on house- imminent danger & hazardous American Elm 30
694986 6603 BOLEYNWOOD DRIVE Over mature Arizona Ash needs to be removed. Severe rot 3 to 5 inches into heartwood of major leader over clients home. Imminent risk of failure. Arizona Ash 29
824768 1602 COLONY CREEK DRIVE Tree removal old Hackberry between 2 houses Hackberry 32
812726 2609 S 5TH STREET Removal of diseased Sycamore. Tree has had major failures in the past and now is only a trunk, about 15 ft tall. Tree has both white rot fungus, and Hypoxylon Canker. Sycamore 27
800513 4609 JINX AVENUE Emergency Removal of tree on house; root plate failure Cedar Elm 19
707876 1631 PALMA PLZ Nondev Res - DB Oak 34
825496 2417 VISTA LANE Hazardous Post oak with fungus; going to fall into kids playscape; bark splitting off Oak 38
747613 705 JEWELL STREET Remove to grade hazardous, splitting American elm over home. American Elm 22
692453 7804 TISDALE DR NonDev Res - DB Hackberry 27
758198 10808 RIVER TERRACE Tree rotted- leaning- hazardous Pecan 38
753314 3625 WINDSOR ROAD Remove large cedar elm on left side of house, in playscape area Cedar Elm 23
712398 5303 ABINGDON PLACE Tree removal of Arizona Ash tree in back yard Arizona Ash 37
689615 13429 N US 183 HIGHWAY NB NonDev Comm - DB Pecan 28
687647 3924 BALCONES DR NonDev Res - DB Pecan 36
703159 1917 W 39TH STREET Remove storm damaged hackberry to grade. Tree is approximately 22.5 inches in diameter. I have pictures if needed. Hackberry 22
828429 1511 SHOAL CREEK BOULEVARD Removal of Cedar Elm, Per Don Gardner, Consulting Arborist, poor-fair condition, roots buried. Cedar Elm 9
847555 7508 SHOAL CREEK BOULEVARD Remove American Elm at 7508 Shoal Creek. American Elm 29
819402 1113 BLUEBONNET LANE Tree has crack and splitting in fenceline Arizona Ash 19
733964 2819 LOCKE LANE Bldg A Remove cracking Arizona Ash 39" Arizona Ash 39
786331 511 E 46TH STREET over extended branches, has previous failures, rest of tree needs removed Pecan 22
687579 11902 GLENDA CT Non-Development Residential Oak 36
766978 2016 GOODRICH AVENUE Removal of diseased / rotting Hackberry tree which is creating an existing hazard to our slab/foundation (three feet away) and potential for more extreme harm to the foundation if it were to fall, as well as potential damage to a nearby property. Hackberry 23
728820 4004 KANDY DRIVE Remove hazard 33" Az ash to ground level Arizona Ash 33
811590 1301 KENT LANE 1301 Kent Lane - Removal of 23 inch DBH over mature Hackberry with mistletoe canker throughout,roots effecting the pool concrete and decking. Tree has minor rear lean. Hackberry 23
698065 713 LANDON LN NonDev Res - DB American Elm 28
761449 1300 WALNUT AVENUE Remove declining post oak tree at southwest corner of property Oak 23
707850 14716 FLAT TOP RANCH ROAD Severely storm damaged, heritage sized, hackberry tree at the back right corner of the home needs to be removed. Hackberry 31
836619 3301 WESTLAND DRIVE Remove 26 inch Hackberry in ROW with mistletoe and history of utility pruning and limb failures. Hackberry 26
783145 6105 BOXCAR RUN During hurricane harvey a large limb fell off of a tree in my front yard. An arborist came out to look at the tree and said that it exposed some rot/disease that is in the trunk and with the exposed portion of the tree it is spreading. Removal of the tree is needed. Arizona Ash 28
774268 5606 PALO BLANCO COURT cut down large hackberry tree front right corner of house it is damaging fountation of house and sewer clean out is not accessable Hackberry 24
764441 14401 OLIVE HILL DRIVE The Oak Tree in my back yard is infected with Oak Wilt. Mr. Chris Dolan from Austin visited and confirmed. The tree needs to be cut and removed Oak 24
844466 3703 TOWER VIEW COURT Removal of front dead pecan with vertical cracks in trunk Pecan 19
832288 4617 SINCLAIR AVENUE Residential tree removal request Pecan 19
809411 107 E 49TH STREET Removal of Elm that has lost limbs and is deteriorating. City removed 1 side recently while trimming around wires. American Elm 27
796407 5707 AVENUE F remove hackberry and lugstrums, leaning- Previous failures, hazardous (want to replace with natives) Arizona Ash 19
745633 5321 INDUSTRIAL OAKS BOULEVARD Remove to grade dying Arizona ash tree on grounds of industrial office complex. Arizona Ash 19
734662 11622 RIVER OAKS TRAIL Remove co-dom 19+16 inch Arizona Ash in the ROW at 11622 River Oaks Dr Arizona Ash 27
674957 4007 AVENUE F Non-Development Residential Pecan 24
800122 605 ROBERT E LEE ROAD Removal of American elm at Umlauf American Elm 24
768322 1004 SHELLEY AVENUE Removal of very old American Elm in the back yard of our residential property. The tree is rotting, creaking, possibly diseased, and has become a danger to us and to our very nearby neighbors and their properties. American Elm 27
839956 11200 MATISSE TRAIL Remove damaged tree. Oak 20
737001 407 RAMBLE LANE Remove half-dead two-stem 19+11 inch Hackberry in ROW Hackberry 24
725774 1409 WESTOVER ROAD Tree Removal of Heritage tree due to fall risk American Elm 41
700066 1300 S MOPAC EXPRESSWAY SB Live oak tree removal, north side of the parking garage. Oak 14
745864 3705 BRIDLE PATH removal of poor/dying post Oak June 6th and 24th of this year a minimum of 3 large pieces ranging from 8"-16" diameter have fallen following storms. The photos show damage already done from current drops to both her roof and gutters. The photos also show the condition of small sections of the branch to be diseased or damaged from a possible fungal infection or rodent stripping. The weight of the fallen pieces are much like dried cork and very lightweight for their size. Numerous green leaves still cling to the tree making it difficult to see any other symptoms other than unusual bark striations and the broken branches themselves. We have attempted to remove the obvious damaged or diseased pieces but feel there are conditions not visible which may be affecting the tree internally causing the tree to drop large branches prematurely. There are only 3 major sections left of the remaining canopy, one of which is directly over her roof. Her concern is more branches dropping which will either damage her primary residence or crush her carport. Removing this 1/3 section over her home could potentially put the tree at further risk of stress and likelihood of future damage. The other concern is now the symmetry and balance of the tree is now compromised from the fallen or dead branches removed. The sheer size of the tree itself could potentially cause more monetary loss either between the neighbor's losses or Ms. Moore's own roof or the cost of repeatedly removing sections to prevent more falls. It appears there could be a long term disease which may have been present prior to the fallen branches. Unbeknownst to Ms. Moore, it may have been left untreated because no other symptoms were evident due to the healthy condition of the green leaves and bark left intact. There was also visible fire ant damage and activity during the trimming of broken sections on June 24. Please, contact the resident, Ms. Clare Moore to schedule your evaluation and recommendation if needed for tree removal permit at your earliest convenience. The application has been signed and attached to this email along with supporting photos. Her number is 512-423-6866. Thanks for your professional assistance. LaVon Watson 512-552-9375 Oak 28
687490 5327 CAMERON RD NonDev Res - DB Hackberry 13
785649 3900 JEFFERSON STREET Large Cedar Elm (greater than 60" diameter) suffered storm damage from Hurricane Harvey and based on arborist assessment needs to be removed for safety reasons as it poses an imminent hazard. Cedar Elm 23
700932 12305 BAR X DRIVE Remove 24" Arizona ash to ground level. Arizona Ash 24
826182 500 RALPH ABLANEDO DRIVE Removal of a 22.5" DBH Hackberry tree with poor structure. Hackberry 22
699922 12103 SAGE HEN CIRCLE There is a large diseased tree - bark loose from trunk, holes in trunk and exposed roots. This tree needs to be removed because it is an imminent danger. Arizona Ash 35
820215 5713 DUVAL STREET Remove (1) 24.4" co-dominant Hackberry tree along left property line. Hackberry 24
677228 503 KENNISTON DR Non-Development Residential Sycamore 13
822270 1110 E 12TH STREET Non-development request to remove a severely damaged 26" pecan tree located on private property. Pecan 26
671360 1304 TURTLE CREEK BLVD Non-Development Residential Arizona Ash 21
828403 1509 SHOAL CREEK BOULEVARD Removal of Cedar Elm, Per Don Gardner, Consulting Arborist, poor-fair condition, crowded Cedar Elm 10
753950 11402 EUBANK DR NonDev Res - CP (spanish speaking) Pecan 19
744872 11113 RESEARCH BOULEVARD NB remove dead and leaning live oaks and cedars Oak NA
677231 8707 CAMELIA LN Non-Develpment Residential Oak 22
681748 811 CHRISTOPHER ST Non-Development Residential Oak 23
703681 11604 BIG TRAIL Removal of declined Arizona Ash in left front yard that was damaged in the storm. Arizona Ash 31
795433 1908 FAIRLAWN LANE Unit 1 Tree leaning- its getting worse (believe there was a permit for it 5/2016) in the entier; back of Unit A - only tree in fence- leaning into other yard; Mounding(lifting foundation) Pecan 25
785844 806 GREAT BRITAIN BOULEVARD Remove 21.5" DBH Ash tree, broken limbs, visible decay, open cavity in main trunk, decayed roots and bark peeling on trunk. Tree is near house and risk of collapse is eminent. Recommend immediate removal. Arizona Ash 21
775625 5701 STOUTWOOD CIRCLE Removal of hazardous, previous failures, dangerous Ash tree in front yard Arizona Ash 30
715480 1316 QUAILFIELD CIRCLE Remove Arizona Ash Arizona Ash 29
709540 10614 RESEARCH BOULEVARD SB Removal of severely storm damaged Live Oak at the northwest corner of the Saltgrass Steakhouse building. Crown is severely unbalanced and there is evidence of decay moving into the stem union. Oak 27
708987 6617 ESTANA LANE A very large Post Oak is now dead and hanging over the owners home and he feels it is becoming hazardous to the safety of his home. Oak 30
758203 2811 GARWOOD STREET Bad tree; unbalanced, decayed branches, big sick tree; Homeless camp under it. American Elm 25
799991 8221 N IH 35 SERVICE ROAD NB Remove splitting hackberry. Hackberry 24
805457 12710 SILVER CREEK DRIVE Fall Hazzard Arizona Ash 25
812721 3304 PLANTATION ROAD The tree has massive termite damage. Arizona Ash 28
737916 7108 MESA DRIVE Remove 21 inch Arizona Ash in ROW at 7108 Mesa Dr. Recent scaffold failure, decay, lions-tailing, weak attachments Arizona Ash 21
789319 3206 MOSSROCK DRIVE Unit 101 Hazardous, over mature and has major decay in main trunk. Arizona Ash 28
707863 4511 ROSEDALE AVENUE More than 75 year old American Elm in the back yard is hazardous to power access line and neighboring homes. I need a permit for the tree removal. American Elm 30
841116 1509 PARKWAY Remove Elm Tree at 1509 Parkway American Elm 31
832938 11008 SAGE HOLLOW DRIVE Has cavities and tree is in decline. Arizona Ash 33
806000 13015 POND SPRINGS ROAD Dangerous tree on the property line. Trunk as split down the middle. Hackberry 29
721006 103 E 30TH STREET A multi stem elm as split and it leaning on a residence. It needs to be removed. American Elm 28
749841 11706 DRAYTON DRIVE Remove Ash tree in front yard at 11706 Drayton Dr. 78759 Arizona Ash 20
777514 2611 W 49TH STREET Remove a dying tree that is a hazard to my house American Elm 20
797656 12024 EMERALD OAKS DRIVE Removal Hackberry 28
689626 309 E APPLEGATE DRIVE NonDev Res - DB Arizona Ash 24
805799 2307 WOODLAWN BOULEVARD Remove Cedar Elm in back center of property. Diseased and low LCR heavily pruned in the past, work will be performed with spider lift. TX-4140A Cedar Elm 25
802392 805 KINNEY AVENUE Removal of dying 21" DBH Ash. Very poor condition, 60% crown die back, unlikely to survive over the winter or any severe storm event. Arizona Ash 21
698063 5002 SHOALWOOD AVE NonDev Res - DB American Elm 28
777432 1402 DWYCE DRIVE Medium sized Sycamore is in decline. The tree is suffering from stem decay, borers, root collar decay, hypoxylon canker and potentially girdling roots. There is a history of large branch failures and large dead wood currently in the tree. Sycamore 21
844428 3306 E CESAR CHAVEZ STREET Removal for a dead 21 inch Hackberry tree. Has whole in the trunk. Water is ruining the trunk, stress cracks in trunk. Tree is 15 yards south of the office. Hackberry 21
789446 8600 BROOKFIELD DRIVE Removal of dead, diseased, imminent hazard tree. Half of large ash tree on property fell away from residence during Hurricane Harvey storm. Other half of tree is now leaning over the residence with no support from rest of the tree. Trunk is larger that 60" in diameter. Looking to have rest of tree and trunk removed. Arizona Ash 25
707195 2621 ALCOTT LANE Bldg A Remove Hackbery that is a hazard to home and street Hackberry 28
727295 1517 W ST JOHNS AVENUE High Risk Sycamore Needs to be Removed ASAP Sycamore 31
737831 2009 HOPI TRAIL Assessment of potentially hazardous tree that arborist has advised is a protected tree. Cedar Elm 21
768032 4101 OAK CREEK DRIVE Decay, more than 75% of the tree is dead, hazardous to pedestrians and property Arizona Ash 19
717361 6000 SHADOW VALLEY COVE tree removal permit Pecan 26
763177 1623 WILLOW STREET Dead Elm tree,danger to roof of house; see attachment American Elm 41
739920 1405 W 39TH HALF STREET Removal of hazardous protected tree. Cedar Elm 23
677176 808 WEST AVE Non-Development Commercial Pecan 22
836755 2504 ALBATA AVENUE Diseased ash tree in front yard has been determined by arborist to have sap rot and is a danger to the adjacent residence. We would like a permit to remove the tree and grind the stump. Arizona Ash 36
787212 6214 HILLSTON DRIVE Emergency, tree has large crack in main trunk leaning towards house Cedar Elm 21
708737 8211 DALEVIEW DRIVE NonDev Res- DB Arizona Ash 28
812864 3318 CHERRYWOOD ROAD Remove storm-damaged Arizona Ash at the back corner of 3318 Cherrywood Rd in the ROW over 34th St. Arizona Ash 24
760505 7106 BECKETT ROAD Remove dead live oak in front yard at 7106 Beckett Rd Oak 23
716284 5316 WALNUT GROVE DRIVE Tree removal. It is a hack-berry tree that is decaying and hollow, and poses a threat to both structures (mine and my neighbor's). Hackberry 23
780561 4309 LAS PALMAS DRIVE diseased tree removal for Arizona Ash on edge of street. Last year a branch broke off and fell on our roof with minor shingle damage. Saturday, August 26, 20017, a large branch cracked off and blocked half of the street on Malaga Drive. I have pictures to include. Arizona Ash 26
701292 1300 Taylor Street NonDev Res - DB Pecan 43
687538 2506 CASCADE DR Non-Development Residential Arizona Ash 40
756755 10403 GOLDEN QUAIL DRIVE Removal of falling protected ash. Work will be completed before inspection. Base decay and failure has expanded in the last few days. Arizona Ash 24
826766 904 W MONROE STREET Removal of a diseased/dying/hazardous tree from front of property close to the city easement. Pecan 20
758000 1185 COMAL STREET I need to renew a permit originally issued on 1/21/14, by city arborist Jason Traylic, allowing me to remove an ailing, over-mature American elm at 1185 Comal St, 78702. After I got the permit in 2014, I removed a portion of the tree, but left the part that shades the house, hoping the tree would recover. Unfortunately the tree has continued to decline, and I have been warned by a tree service that if I dont remove it soon, it will be too dangerous to climb, and they will have to use a crane. So for both cost and safety I need to get this removed. This tree drops limbs and is a danger to people and property. I have planted numerous trees on the property to mitigate the loss of this tree. I have taken pics showing the broken stumps of limbs that have dropped from the tree. The tree is rapidly dropping its leaves - they lay thick on the ground, in heavy amounts. American Elm 31
726219 3109 LINNET DRIVE remove 24" ASh front yard Arizona Ash 24
848805 1403 YORKSHIRE DRIVE Removal Hackberry 22
821857 6211 MANOR ROAD Unit 121 tree removal Pecan 22
741580 400 COOPER DRIVE Removal of declining/structurally unsound Arizona ash in outdoor learning area Arizona Ash 29
710182 10421 MOURNING DOVE DR NonDev Res - DB Oak 24
776774 2103 KENBRIDGE DRIVE Hackberry has major decay and rot at the base. Hazardous to home and lines. Hackberry 33
732101 3306 DENVER AVENUE Removal of Post Oak w severe lean over sidewalk and Denver St. - Major root damage on side away from lean, high risk of falling. A Tree Risk Assessment was submitted to COA c/o Jim Goebel on 4/1/17 Oak 24
707687 2019 E 3RD STREET Remove tree due to health and hazard of falling on home American Elm 26
687621 2517 E 4TH ST NonDev Res - DB Pecan 23
685696 5710 CEDARDALE DR Non-Development Residential Hackberry 30
700783 1516 MADISON AVENUE Front yard Arizona Ash - removal Arizona Ash 26
714736 11406 METRIC BOULEVARD Unit 100 Removal of a hazardous 28 inch American Elm on a industrial property. American Elm 28
782171 11400 HORNSBY STREET Remove a diseased or dying tree Oak 27
726248 11105 BALTUS DRIVE imminent hazardous: over 2 houses; overly mature; is going to break something when it comes down Arizona Ash 21
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