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Represents development information for Wintermute's SDK (i.e.: plug-ins, app integration, DE merging, etc)
# Provides a means of creating a plugin for
# Wintermute.
set(WINTER_PLUGIN_INSTALL_DIR "${WINTER_LIB_INSTALL_DIR}/wntr" CACHE PATH "Plugin installation path.")
set(WINTER_PLUGIN_INCLUDE_INSTALL_DIR "${WINTER_INCLUDE_INSTALL_DIR}/plugins" CACHE PATH "Plugin header installation path.")
set(WINTER_PLUGIN_DATA_INSTALL_DIR "${WINTER_DATA_INSTALL_DIR}/plugins" CACHE PATH "Plugin data installation path.")
set(WINTER_PLUGINSPEC_INSTALL_DIR "${WINTER_DATA_INSTALL_DIR}/specs" CACHE PATH "Plugin specification installation path.")
# Provides a means of creating an application
# for the Wintermute desktop environment.
find_package(Wintermute 0.01 REQUIRED)
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