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@jalcine jalcine/
Created Nov 12, 2011

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Represents the mock-up for Wintermute
import time
import cmd
print("Wintermute 1.0 (pid 9860) :: Artificial intelligence for common Man. (Licensed under the GPL3+)\n(core) [Factory] Started.\n ")
class winty(cmd.Cmd):
def do_events(self,line):
print("It's almost time until your scheduled event with Wintermute Developers at 19:00 EST on Freenode (##sii-dev).")
def do_analize(self,line):
#Analysys " This is a test"
print "This\n Demonstrative\n Links()\n Function: subject"
print "is\n Verb\n Links(This,a test)\n Function: verb."
print "a test.\n Compound phrase\n Links(is)\n Function: object"
print "\n----a \n Article \n Links(a test,test) \n Function: link"
print "\n----test \n Noun \n Links(a test,a) \n Function: object"
def do_analize_f2(self,line):
print ":3"
winty.prompt="wntr: "
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