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3rd-party Software Distribution Scholarship


Ultimate goal: 3rd party software distribution

Key results:

  • Virtual desks
  • Tools to manipulate and inspect them

Background reading:

Step 1 is to build a simple tool to see the difference between desks. For an example of a file diff, try running -diff %/app/lens/hoon %/app/glob/hoon. Mainly, we want a recursive version of that, with options to display the full diff or just list the files which changed. Ideally we'd also have a 3-way diff, but that could be delayed.

Step 2 is the hard one: as described in that urbit-dev thread, add "virtual" desks to clay. These represent the continual merge of several other desks. Their main properties are:

  • No committing directly to the desk, the only permitted manual modification is to change the list of source desks (including order and merge strategy)
  • Every time a source desk is updated, the next commit is a brand new merge of all the source desks, in order according to their merge strategy. Possibly the previous version should also be listed as a parent.
  • The list of source desks is ordered, includes a merge strategy, and each desk may be pinned to a revision.

Step 3 is to make the %home desk virtual. There should probably be another local desk which is a source of %home for local modifications. This step could be a bit finicky but shouldn't be too hard.

With these steps complete, the infrastructure side of 3rd party software distribution should be complete.

Future work:


  • Parts 1 & 2: Two stars, one awarded after a month of work, another awarded after completion of Part 2.
  • Part 3: One star awarded after one month of work, two additional stars awarded after completion of Part 3, which is completion of the project.
  • Total: 5 stars for ~2.5 months of estimated work.
  • "One month of work," if not resulting in a finished milestone, will be evaluated by the Tlon engineer working on the project with you for determination of reward eligibility.
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