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Created January 6, 2018 23:07
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struct HEADER{
char magic[0x10];
int entriesOffset<format=hex>;
int entryPoint<format=hex>;
int entryCount;
int unk;
int stringSize<format=hex>;
int stringCount;
int padding[3];
FSeek((0x10 - (FTell() % 0x10)) + FTell());
int scriptOffset[header.entryCount]<format=hex,bgcolor=cLtBlue>;
FSeek((-(FTell() % 0x10)) + FTell());
char str[header.stringSize]<bgcolor=cGreen>;
local int i;
for(i = 0; i < header.entryCount; i++){
FSeek(scriptOffset[i] + 0x35);
byte start<bgcolor=cGreen>;
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