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#lang rosette/safe
(require rosette/lib/angelic ; provides `choose*`
rosette/lib/match) ; provides `match`
; Tell Rosette we really do want to use integers.
(current-bitwidth #f)
; Compute the absolute value of `x`.
(define (absv x)
(if (< x 0) (- x) x))
; Define a symbolic variable called y of type integer.
(define-symbolic y integer?)
; Solve a constraint saying |y| = 5.
(assert (= (absv y) 5)))
; Try to outsmart Rosette by asking for the impossible:
(solve (assert (< (absv y) 0)))
; Syntax for our simple DSL
(struct plus (left right) #:transparent)
(struct mul (left right) #:transparent)
(struct square (arg) #:transparent)
; A simple program
(define prog (plus (square 7) 3))
; Interpreter for our DSL.
; We just recurse on the program's syntax using pattern matching.
(define (interpret p)
(match p
[(plus a b) (+ (interpret a) (interpret b))]
[(mul a b) (* (interpret a) (interpret b))]
[(square a) (expt (interpret a) 2)]
[_ p]))
; (plus (square 7) 3) evaluates to 52.
(interpret prog)
; Our interpreter works on symbolic values, too.
(define-symbolic z integer?)
(interpret (square (plus z 2)))
; So we can search for a `z` that makes (z+2)^2 = 25
(= (interpret (square (plus z 2))) 25)))
; Our intepreter works even if the expression itself is symbolic
(define-symbolic b boolean?)
(define expr (if b (plus z z) (mul z z)))
(interpret expr)
; Find a program equivalent to `(square z)` for *every* z.
#:forall (list z)
#:guarantee (assert (= (interpret expr) (interpret (square z)))))
; Create an unknown expression -- one that can evaluate to several
; possible values.
(define (??expr a b c)
(define left (choose* a b c))
(define right (choose* a b c))
(choose* (plus left right) (mul left right) left))
; Create a sketch representing all programs of the form (plus ?? ??),
; where the ??s are unknown expressions created by ??expr.
(define-symbolic p q integer?)
(define sketch
(plus (??expr z p q) (??expr z p q)))
; Solve the sketch to find a program equivalent to 10*z,
; but of the form (plus ?? ??). Save the resulting model.
(define M
#:forall (list z)
#:guarantee (assert (= (interpret sketch) (interpret (mul 10 z))))))
; Substitute the bindings in M into the sketch to get back the
; synthesized program.
(evaluate sketch M)
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