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@jamescrowley jamescrowley/GetCookie.ps1
Last active Aug 29, 2015

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Get ASP.NET auth cookie for site with CSRF protection enabled using PowerShell
function Get-SessionCookie($url,$username,$password,$cookieName)
$loginResponse = Invoke-WebRequest $url -SessionVariable ws -UseBasicParsing
$requestVerificationToken = ($loginResponse.InputFields | Where { $ -eq "__RequestVerificationToken" }).value
$body = @{
"__RequestVerificationToken" = $requestVerificationToken;
"UserName" = $username;
"Password" = $password;
$loggedInResponse = Invoke-WebRequest $url -Body $body -Method POST -WebSession $ws -UseBasicParsing
return $ws.Cookies.GetCookies($url)[$cookieName].ToString()
$cookie = Get-SessionCookie "" "" "password" ".ASPXAUTH"
# cookie now contains .ASPXAUTH=xxxxxxx
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