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ZenDesk event handler in Splunk using rest
class ZenDeskEventHandler:
def __init__(self,**args):
#process the received JSON array
def process_automatic_response(self,data):
output = json.loads(data)
end_time = 0
for event in output["tickets"]:
#each element of the array is written to Splunk as a seperate event
if "end_time" in output:
#get and set the latest end_time
end_time = output["end_time"]
return end_time
def __call__(self, response_object,raw_response_output,response_type,req_args,endpoint):
if response_type == "json":
last_end_time = 0
#process the response from the orginal request
end_time = self.process_automatic_response(raw_response_output)
#set the latest end_time
if end_time > last_end_time:
last_end_time = end_time
#follow any pagination links in the response
next_link = response_object["next_page"]
while next_link:
next_response = requests.get(next_link)
end_time = self.process_automatic_response(next_response.text)
#set the latest end_time
if end_time > last_end_time:
last_end_time = end_time
next_link = next_response.links["next_page"]
if not "params" in req_args:
req_args["params"] = {}
#set the start URL attribute for the next request
#the Mod Input will persist this to inputs.conf for you
req_args["params"]["start_time"] = last_end_time
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