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Simple little script to keep my external drive spinning as it likes to go to sleep... lots...
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# Keep the external drive spining!
require 'fileutils'
# set the name of the file to write
FILE = '/Volumes/Drive_Name/.stayawake'
# add a welcome message, that strange bit of text clears the screen
# SEE:
puts <<WELCOME
** Drive Spinner ****
# keep touching a file on the drive every 10 minutes
1.upto Float::INFINITY do |i|
if File.writable? FILE
puts "Keeping the drive spinning... forever...\n\r" if i.eql? 1
# touch file
FileUtils.touch FILE
# sleep for 10 minutes
sleep 600
# break out of the loop
puts "File looks like it's not writeable, is the drive mounted?\n\r"
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