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Created Jun 13, 2013
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A list of a few rails testing and debugging gems
group :development do
gem 'quiet_assets' # Remove useless logs
# Debugging in the browser
gem 'better_errors'
gem 'binding_of_caller'
gem 'meta_request'
gem 'guard-livereload'
gem 'seed_dump'
group :test, :development do
gem 'rspec-rails' # launch test
gem 'factory_girl_rails' # create factories instead of fixtures
gem 'database_cleaner' # clean database for testing
group :test do
gem 'faker' # Create fake attributes inside our factories
gem 'capybara' # interact with DOM
gem 'launchy' # launch browser during test
gem 'guard-rspec' # automatic test launch
gem 'terminal-notifier-guard' # notify when tests pass or fail
gem 'syntax' # display highlighted syntax in html rspec test results
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