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Last active July 13, 2022 03:01
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James Little's Programming Stream

Hi! Thanks for checking out my stream. I'm James Little.

On stream, I work on Stork Search, an open-source web search tool I wrote. It's written in Rust that compiles to WebAssembly. Feel free to ask questions or just say hi!

You can use the following commands in chat: !today, !stork, !desk, or !commands to see a list of all the commands.

All historical streams have been uploaded to Youtube, under this playlist.

Where to find me on the web:

Tech Stack

  • I stream from an M1 Macbook Pro. Sometimes I screen share my iPad Air and draw some diagrams. When I stream, You're only seeing a small portion of my entire monitor.
  • I'm using Visual Studio Code, iTerm 2, and Dash for docs.
  • I switch windows using Raycast hotkeys.
  • Music is by Streambeats.
  • I wrote a blog post about my setup if you want to read more about that.

Click to view a no-longer-updated per-day description of what I worked on during the stream.

What am I working on today?


  • Working on the foundations of Stork v2. Building out a radix tree data structure and seeing how it holds data.



  • Fixing the guestbook on my website
  • Web worker MVP for Stork


Investigating whether or not I can move the WASM execution to a web worker.



Rebuilding the HTML parser using html5ever instead of a wrapper crate. (Secret stream)

2021-05-25, 2021-05-24

Looking at the HTML parser, hoping to extract image alt text and header anchor information to make search results better! (#159 and #148)

2021-05-18, 2021-05-17

Working on the Github Action that builds a release

2021-05-04, 2021-05-03, 2021-04-06, 2021-04-05, 2021-03-30

Fuzzy search!


  • Adding a debug interface to the Javascript API


  • Finishing up the Clap integration

2021-03-16, 2021-03-22

  • Rebuilding the "old" command-line interface using Clap


  • Changing how the config file is parsed so you don't have to pass the same URL twice
  • Adding debug information to a config file


Indexing content from the web, given a URL. See this Github issue!


This Github Issue: jameslittle230/stork#142


  • The stork.register() function does a lot! I want to try splitting it into discrete steps (loading WASM, loading an index, and attaching to elements), and exposing methods to users so you can control which step gets run when.
  • Adding stork.debug object to make debug info visible in the web control area.
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