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hazcod / apache-plex-reverse-proxy.vhost
Last active December 9, 2023 19:02
Apache2 reverse proxy vhost configuration for Plex. Rerquires modules ssl, proxy, wstunnel
This current configuration is based of at least Server Version and Web Version: 3.108.2.
This updated config file allows the playing of trailers and TV Show theme music where as the previous one did not.
## Requirements
1. Apache version > 2.4
2. A bunch of mod's enabled (proxy, ssl, proxy_wstunnel, http, dir, env, headers, proxy_balancer, proxy_http, rewrite)
3. Protocols h2 http/1.1 needs apachectl -V 2.4.17 and higher...
## Apache .conf file
maoueh / gist:8260199
Last active March 31, 2022 12:30
OpenELEC (4.0.1) WIFI connection details using `connman`

Even though there is a nice XBMC add-on to configure your WIFI settings, sometimes, you may still want to setup the WIFI connection for many reasons or just for fur.

OpenELEC use connman for managing connection to the various available network.

Setuping connman to connect to your protected WIFI network is an easy requiring you only to create a config file and enter some commands in a shell.

walkergv / Proper Upper Lower Case Excel Macro
Last active June 5, 2019 13:15
Excel Macros For Making Text In Cells Upper, Lower and Proper Case
'Code for Upper Case
Sub UpperCase()
Dim objCell As Object
For Each objCell In Selection
objCell.Value = UCase(objCell.Formula)
End Sub
'Code for Lower Case
atk / ie10hack.css
Created November 6, 2012 14:43
IE10 hack
#ie10 will only be red in MSIE 10,
both in high contrast (display setting) and default mode
@media screen and (-ms-high-contrast: active), (-ms-high-contrast: none) {
#ie10 { color: red; }