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"stats": [
"abbr": "STR",
"name": "Strength",
"desc": "Used for base physical attack, max carry weight, etc.",
"also": ["END", "ATT"]
}, {
"abbr": "WIS",
"name": "Wisdom",
"desc": "Used for base magic defence, saving rolls",
"also": ["INT"]
}, {
"abbr": "DEX",
"name": "Dexterity",
"desc": "Used for base dodge chance, base crit chance",
"also": ["SPD", "ACC"]
}, {
"abbr": "CON",
"name": "Constitution",
"desc": "Used for base hp gain, physical defence",
"also": ["END", "DEF"]
}, {
"abbr": "INT",
"name": "Intelligence",
"desc": "Used for max mp, base magic attack, skill points per level"
}, {
"abbr": "PER",
"name": "Perception",
"desc": "Used for detection rolls, missile/magic defence",
"also": ["WIS", "INT", "DEX"]
}, {
"abbr": "CHA",
"name": "Charisma",
"desc": "Used for character interactions, bard skill effectiveness",
"also": ["INT", "WIS"]
}, {
"abbr": "END",
"name": "Endurance",
"desc": "Used for base hp gain, poison/elemental resistance",
"also": ["DEF", "CON"]
}, {
"abbr": "DEF",
"name": "Defence",
"desc": "Used for base physical defence",
"also": ["END", "CON"]
}, {
"abbr": "SPD",
"name": "Speed",
"desc": "Used for turn order, accuracy, dodge chance.",
"also": ["DEX", "INI"]
}, {
"abbr": "INI",
"name": "Initiative",
"desc": "Used for turn order, max movement",
"also": ["SPD", "DEX", "MOV"]
}, {
"abbr": "ATT",
"name": "Attack",
"desc": "Base melee/missile attack, chance to hit",
"also": ["STR", "DEX"]
}, {
"abbr": "ACC",
"name": "Accuracy",
"desc": "Chance to hit, missile attack",
"also": ["ATT", "DEX", "SPD"]
}, {
"abbr": "MHP",
"name": "Max Hit Points"
}, {
"abbr": "MSP",
"name": "Max Stamina Points"
}, {
"abbr": "MMP",
"name": "Max Magic Points"
}, {
"abbr": "WGT",
"name": "Weight",
"desc": "Weight of a creature or item, can determine attack damage, defence, and saving throws",
"also": ["ATT", "STR", "END", "DEF"]
}, {
"abbr": "VAL",
"name": "Value",
"desc": "Value of an item in currency"
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