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Austin: "Is Andrew's brother-in-law not getting hired then? Oh wait, no, it was his wife's brother, wasn't it? Oh wait... That's the same thing..."
Jameson: "Are we going to finish by the end of the day?" (In regards to a ~30 minute task, with 2 hours left in the day)
Jordan: "At the rate I'm going... No."
Matt: "Its time to decompose Kurt. Kurt, just lay down in the dirt for like, a long time."
Austin: "It looks great guys!"
Jordan: " looks awful..."
Austin: "Well, yeah, but"
Austin: "I'm such dumb!"
Jordan: "I'm playing dinosaur, give me a second"
Austin: "yeah, I'm pretty used to naked dudes though..."
Justin: "I have two cars here, and zero keys..."
Austin: "Icons are great and everything, but when they're too big, it looks like they're for grand-people."
Braden: "Justin! Your Porsche is the sexiest thing ever!"
Braden (as Austin heard it): "Justin! You're portrait is the sexiest thing ever!"
Justin: "It's so dirty!"
Kurt: "Quit looking at the poke-map and finish your mithril!" (edited)
Austin: "Plus, it had numbers in it"
Kurt: "is anyone actually being productive right now?"
Jordan: "sort of"
Jameson: "Nope."
Austin: "I forgot what I was doing...."
Austin: "It's like Picasso, ya know? You don't really know what you're looking at, but you know it's good!"
Austin: "I think I have Alzheimer's or something... I just forgot what I was doing."
Matt: "I'm no expert, but I'm kind of an expert..."
Matt: "I disagree with this quote of myself..."
Austin: "Those whatevers add up, man."
Jameson: "I don't know how my eyes are open..."
Austin: "Your eyes! They're such closing!"
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