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Last active August 12, 2021 16:19
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Alexa Flask Python Skill using flask-ask-sdk - modification of Amazon "Hello World" Example
#!/usr/bin/env python3
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# You'll need a TLS terminating proxy (apache,nginx) in front of this
# This is a simple Hello World Alexa Skill, built using
# the decorators approach in skill builder.
import logging
from flask import Flask
from ask_sdk_core.skill_builder import SkillBuilder
from flask_ask_sdk.skill_adapter import SkillAdapter
from ask_sdk_core.utils import is_request_type, is_intent_name
from ask_sdk_core.handler_input import HandlerInput
from ask_sdk_model.ui import SimpleCard
from ask_sdk_model import Response
app = Flask(__name__)
sb = SkillBuilder()
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
def launch_request_handler(handler_input):
"""Handler for Skill Launch."""
# type: (HandlerInput) -> Response
speech_text = "Welcome to the Alexa Skills Kit, you can say hello!"
return handler_input.response_builder.speak(speech_text).set_card(
SimpleCard("Hello World", speech_text)).set_should_end_session(
def hello_world_intent_handler(handler_input):
"""Handler for Hello World Intent."""
# type: (HandlerInput) -> Response
speech_text = "Hello Python World from Decorators!"
return handler_input.response_builder.speak(speech_text).set_card(
SimpleCard("Hello World", speech_text)).set_should_end_session(
def help_intent_handler(handler_input):
"""Handler for Help Intent."""
# type: (HandlerInput) -> Response
speech_text = "You can say hello to me!"
return handler_input.response_builder.speak(speech_text).ask(
"Hello World", speech_text)).response
can_handle_func=lambda handler_input:
is_intent_name("AMAZON.CancelIntent")(handler_input) or
def cancel_and_stop_intent_handler(handler_input):
"""Single handler for Cancel and Stop Intent."""
# type: (HandlerInput) -> Response
speech_text = "Goodbye!"
return handler_input.response_builder.speak(speech_text).set_card(
SimpleCard("Hello World", speech_text)).response
def fallback_handler(handler_input):
"""AMAZON.FallbackIntent is only available in en-US locale.
This handler will not be triggered except in that locale,
so it is safe to deploy on any locale.
# type: (HandlerInput) -> Response
speech = (
"The Hello World skill can't help you with that. "
"You can say hello!!")
reprompt = "You can say hello!!"
return handler_input.response_builder.response
def session_ended_request_handler(handler_input):
"""Handler for Session End."""
# type: (HandlerInput) -> Response
return handler_input.response_builder.response
@sb.exception_handler(can_handle_func=lambda i, e: True)
def all_exception_handler(handler_input, exception):
"""Catch all exception handler, log exception and
respond with custom message.
# type: (HandlerInput, Exception) -> Response
logger.error(exception, exc_info=True)
speech = "Sorry, there was some problem. Please try again!!"
return handler_input.response_builder.response
# handler = sb.lambda_handler()
skill_adapter = SkillAdapter(
skill=sb.create(), skill_id='<YOUR-SKILL-ID-HERE>', app=app)
@app.route("/", methods=['POST'])
def invoke_skill():
return skill_adapter.dispatch_request()
if __name__ == '__main__':'')
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