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Howto - using duckdns with Synology RT2600AC
duckdns="$(wget -O -${3}\&token=${2})"
case $?:$duckdns in
echo good
echo badauth
echo badagent
echo badresolve
echo 911
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jamietre commented Feb 27, 2019

Based on:

Steps to configure DuckDDNS

  1. Log onto device as root, e.g.

> ssh root@my.router.ip.address

Password is your admin login to the router.

  1. Edit /etc.defaults/ddns_provider.conf using vi (e.g.) and append contents of ddns_provider.conf to the end.
  2. Copy the code from duckddns above into /sbin/duckddns and execute command

> chmod +x /sbin/duckddns

  1. In router web UI go to Network Center -> Internet -> Quick Connect & DDNS -> DDNS and add a new entry. Choose "DuckDNS".

Hostname = your subdomain on duckdns
Username/Email = doesn't matter/not used
Password = your DuckDNS token

You should be done now.

Quick and Dirty Way

This one-liner will modify & create the files as described by grabbing the code from this gist:

wget -O ->> /etc.defaults/ddns_provider.conf && wget -O /sbin/duckddns && chmod +x /sbin/duckddns

Now you should just need to change the config per step 4 above.

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