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zsh config for windows-like inline editing using Windows Terminal + wsl
# add this to your .zshrc
r-delregion() {
if ((REGION_ACTIVE)) then
zle kill-region
local widget_name=$1
zle $widget_name -- $@
r-deselect() {
local widget_name=$1
zle $widget_name -- $@
r-select() {
((REGION_ACTIVE)) || zle set-mark-command
local widget_name=$1
zle $widget_name -- $@
r-copy-to-xclip() {
[[ "$REGION_ACTIVE" -ne 0 ]] && zle copy-region-as-kill
printf $CUTBUFFER | clip.exe
for key kcap seq mode widget (
sleft kLFT $'\e[1;2D' select backward-char
sright kRIT $'\e[1;2C' select forward-char
sup kri $'\e[1;2A' select up-line-or-history
sdown kind $'\e[1;2B' select down-line-or-history
send kEND $'\E[1;2F' select end-of-line
send2 x $'\E[4;2~' select end-of-line
shome kHOM $'\E[1;2H' select beginning-of-line
shome2 x $'\E[1;2~' select beginning-of-line
left kcub1 $'\EOD' deselect backward-char
right kcuf1 $'\EOC' deselect forward-char
end kend $'\EOF' deselect end-of-line
end2 x $'\E4~' deselect end-of-line
home khome $'\EOH' deselect beginning-of-line
home2 x $'\E1~' deselect beginning-of-line
csleft x $'\E[1;6D' select backward-word
csright x $'\E[1;6C' select forward-word
csend x $'\E[1;6F' select end-of-line
cshome x $'\E[1;6H' select beginning-of-line
cleft x $'\E[1;5D' deselect backward-word
cright x $'\E[1;5C' deselect forward-word
del kdch1 $'\E[3~' delregion delete-char
bs x $'^?' delregion backward-delete-char
) {
eval "key-$key() {
r-$mode $widget \$@
zle -N key-$key
bindkey ${terminfo[$kcap]-$seq} key-$key
# bind CTRL+C to copy to the clipboard; we don't want to use the native Windows Terminal
# "copy" because it won't work for selections done via zsh on the command line. You can still
# use Windows Terminal functionality for mouse-selecting blocks of text, etc. However
# we still use native pasting from Windows Terminal so it works consistently everywhere
zle -N r-copy-to-xclip
bindkey "^C" r-copy-to-xclip
# this unbinds ^C before a command is executed (binds to ^Y instead, change to suit yior taste),
# so it will cause an interrupt as expected unless a command line is being edited (when it will
# act as "copy").
preexec() {
stty intr \^C
precmd() {
stty intr \^Y

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@jamietre jamietre commented Oct 3, 2019

This provides the following functionality when using wsl in Windows Terminal:

Inline editing in the cli acts like standard windows keybindings:

  • arrow/home/end navigation;
  • selection using shift/ctrl/navigation keys;
  • del/backspace deletes selections
  • ctrl+c copies to Windows clipboard only when editing a command line

Pasting is handled entirely by Windows Terminal and the windows clipboard. I'd suggest changing the key binding to CTRL+V for "paste" in Windows Terminal config

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