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Last active Feb 21, 2019
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Git move - Move file to new repo and preserve history
# $ ./gitmove [destGitRepo] [src_file]
# get the earliest hash of a source file to copy
HASH=$(git log --format=%H $SOURCE_FILE | tail -1)
# echo $HASH
# create patch files for that hash range for the given file ($1)
# use the parent hash, so it includes the commit that generates the file
git format-patch -o $DEST_FOLDER/tmp_patch $HASH^..HEAD $SOURCE_FILE
# If you want to have a different path for file in dest folder change the file name BEFORE you apply them
# $ sed -i -- 's/path1/newPath1/g' path/to/patch/files
# $ sed -i -- 's/lib/lib2/g' *.patch
# move the dest file to a new path
# sed -i -- 's/lib\/utils\/auth.js/lib\/auth.js/g' *.patch
# APPLY the commit patches in the dest folder
# git am path/to/patch/files
#git am *.patch
# OPTIONAL - DON'T DO THIS if you want it in a different folder / file name in dest
# apply the patches in the destination repo
cd $DEST_FOLDER && git am tmp_patch/*.patch
# - how can we run multiple files through this?
# What happens when file is moved/renamed in source or target repo (after)?
# In target repo, it wipes history and blame for the file. LAME!!!!
# to follow rename in history:
# $ git log --follow ./path/to/file
# TODO: Find a solution for that.
# Is history preserved?
# What to do when file already exists in target repo?
# - try to delete the patch files after
# - assert am success and remove patch file on success
# - add console logs for the different actions
# - add flag to trigger rename with sed. Else assume same name and apply
# - look at tests
# - able to run against multiple files at once
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