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Last active Apr 25, 2020
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Things I'm most proud of


Day job

  • Led the incremental migration to React & Redux from Backbone.js and Dust.js (took 2 years) for PayPal Send Money app.
  • Converted major pieces of P2p (send money) client-side architecture to React.
  • Wrote instrumentation lib for capturing SPA timing including initial page load, and SPA transition timing.
  • Built a Grafana dashboard app health dashboard (from nothing), that Send Money teams now use to monitor app health during a deploy.
  • Built a Metric pipeline on InfluxDB stack and Go that monitors app health metrics and sends slack alerts when deviations occur.
  • Reduced offline startup time from 22 seconds to 9 seconds for the Send Money Node app.
  • Debugging and fixing node.js memory leaks.
  • Workend on i18n plumbing for PayPal's React apps.


Conference talks

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