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James Waples jamwaffles

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use panic_semihosting as _;
use rtfm::app;
use stm32f1xx_hal::{
device, gpio,
gpio::{gpioc::PC13, Edge, ExtiPin, Output, PushPull, State},
//! Interface factory
//! This is the easiest way to create a driver instance. You can set various parameters of the
//! driver and give it an interface to use. The builder will return a
//! [`mode::RawMode`](../mode/raw/struct.RawMode.html) object which you should coerce to a richer
//! display mode, like [mode::Graphics](../mode/graphics/struct.GraphicsMode.html) for drawing
//! primitives and text.
//! # Examples
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/* Copyright (c) 2015 Gordon Williams, Pur3 Ltd. Modified by James Waples 2018 */
Library for interfacing to the EspressIF ESP8266. Uses the 'NetworkJS'
library to provide a JS endpoint for HTTP.
For EspressIF ESP8266 firmware 0.25
var at;
var socks = [];
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SPI1.setup({ baud:3200000, mosi: A7 });
var brightness = 0;
var delta = 1;
var maxBrightness = 250;
var numLeds = 12;
var data = new Uint8ClampedArray(numLeds * 3);
function sendFrame(data) {
jamwaffles /
Created Aug 13, 2015
Rust "class" definition
struct Sprite {
image_data: SomeBinaryType,
width: i16,
height: i16
impl Sprite {
pub fn new(filename: str) -> Sprite {
// TOOD: Load image into a Piston/OpenGL texture
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var s3 = require('gulp-s3');
var gzip = require('gulp-gzip')
gulp.task('s3-gzip', function() {
var assetsConf = {
secret: "sTuPiDLongS3CretKey",
region: 'eu-west-1',
bucket: 'bucketName'
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Backbone.$ = function(el) {
return {
on: function(eventName, handler) {
el.addEventListener(eventName, handler)
off: function() {
console.error("`off` isn't implemented. If you need to use this, implement it or you'll get memory leaks")
jamwaffles /
Last active May 27, 2020
Graphical merge tool for resolving Git merge conflicts

Diff screenshot


  1. Download DiffMerge from here. It's not the prettiest merge tool but it works.

  2. Install it as usual

  3. Open up a console and run the following commands:

     git config --global merge.tool diffmerge
     git config --global mergetool.diffmerge.cmd 'diffmerge --merge --result="$MERGED" "$LOCAL" "$(if test -f "$BASE"; then echo "$BASE"; else echo "$LOCAL"; fi)" "$REMOTE"'
jamwaffles / gist:4376dcda7644846543db
Last active Aug 29, 2015
tm-react-accordion howto
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var React = require('react')
var Accordion = require('tm-react-accordion').Accordion
var Item = require('tm-react-accordion').Item
var AccordionHeader = require('tm-react-accordion').Header
var AccordionContent = require('tm-react-accordion').Content
<Accordion className="custom-accordion-class">
<Item open={true} className="custom-item-class">
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namespace Model;
use RedBean_Facade as R;
class ImgurAPI extends \Pliers\Model {
protected $user;
protected $session;
public function __construct() {
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