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Dealing with issues

Dealing with issues

Try to reproduce issues

Go through the new issues and try to reproduce them. It’s important to get additional info, logs, and test if an issue occurs on different platforms. That helps us identify the source of the problem.

Triage issues

  • if there’s more info needed, ask the reporter to use the issue template
  • assign relevant labels
  • @mention people who are probably related to it so they can take a look at it

Review pull requests

Go through the open pull requests and review them. That means not only looking at the code, but also checking out the branch and testing if it works. We use a peer review system, which means in addition to the author of the pull request, it should be tested and greenlit by 2 additional contributors. If you tested it, quickly mention how you tested it. For example which operating system and browser you used. If everything is ok, you can 👍 it. If not, comment accordingly.

Make sure you @mention relevant people to review pull requests. If the pull request fixes an issue, that should include the reporter of the issue and everyone who was active in it.

For other apps (like Contacts, Calendar etc.) it helps a lot to cc other people who submitted pull requests to review. Everyone should cross-review, not just submit pull requests.

If a pull request is unresolved or hasn’t been updated in a few months, close it and comment with an explanation:

I’m closing this pull request _for now_ because of (inactivity / outdated code / …).

@(authorname) we can always reopen it though! :) Please (update the pull request / rebase your branch / clarify …).
If you need any help, please ask on our [developer mailing list]( and join our IRC channel at #owncloud-dev (freenode network).

After a pull request was pulled in, thank the submitter and invite them to our #owncloud-dev (and maybe #owncloud-design) IRC channels.

Clean up inactive issues

Issues which have been inactive for a long time are easily found through sorting by least recently updated. I suggest closing issues which come up there which are older than ~2 months. Of course also read through them a bit and use common sense.

I’m closing this issue because it has been inactive for a few months. This probably means that it is not reproducible or it has been fixed in a newer version. If it’s an enhancement and hasn’t been taken on for so long, then it seems no one has the time to implement this.

Please reopen if you still encounter this issue with the [latest stable version]( and then please use the [issue template]( You can also contribute directly by providing a patch – see the [developer manual]( :)

Thank you!

Future plans

Future planned issues where currently no one is working on should go under a »Maybe someday« milestone. Reply for the issue:

Changed milestone to »Maybe someday« because we focus on making ownCloud stable over introducing more features.

You an also contribute directly by providing a patch – see the [developer manual]( :)

Thank you!

Issue replies

Some stock replies for common issues or discussions.

Feature request rather than problem statement

What’s the actual problem here? Please edit the title and description of the original issue to state the problem instead of just requesting a feature.

Asking for a setting

With ownCloud we do not just add settings because one person requests them. Then we would end up with unmaintainable software full of settings which are useless for most people. Most of the time there is actually a better way to fix this. But for that we need to have the problem stated properly.

Copy link

Please update the link to the devel docu ;)

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