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Get-CommandGridView is a PowerShell function for exploring modules and snapins. You can read more by searching for Get-CommandGridView at
#requires -version 3
Function Get-CommandGridView {
[int]$MaxHelpWindowCount = 5
#get commands for the module or snapin
$commands = Get-Command -Module $module
#if module or snapin not found, Get-Command doesn't throw an exception
#so I'll simply test if $commands contains anything
if ($commands) {
#include the module name because $Name could contain a wildcard
$Commands = $Commands |
Select-Object -Property Name,Noun,Verb,CommandType,ModuleName |
Out-Gridview -Title "$($Module.ToUpper()) Commands" -PassThru
if ($Commands) {
$Commands | Get-Help -ShowWindow
else {
Write-Warning "Failed to find any commands for module or snapin $name"
} #close Get-CommandGridView
Set-Alias -Name gcgv -Value Get-CommandGridView
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