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Created April 13, 2022 09:40
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NER dataset creator
import re
def get_tokens_with_entities(raw_text: str):
raw_tokens = re.split(r"\s(?![^\[]*\])", raw_text)
entity_value_pattern = r"\[(?P<value>.+?)\]\((?P<entity>.+?)\)"
entity_value_pattern_compiled = re.compile(entity_value_pattern, flags=re.I|re.M)
tokens_with_entities = []
for raw_token in raw_tokens:
match = entity_value_pattern_compiled.match(raw_token)
if match:
raw_entity_name, raw_entity_value ="entity"),"value")
for i, raw_entity_token in enumerate(re.split("\s", raw_entity_value)):
entity_prefix = "B" if i == 0 else "I"
entity_name = f"{entity_prefix}-{raw_entity_name}"
tokens_with_entities.append((raw_entity_token, entity_name))
tokens_with_entities.append((raw_token, "O"))
return tokens_with_entities
class NERDataMaker:
def __init__(self, texts):
self.unique_entities = []
self.processed_texts = []
temp_processed_texts = []
for text in texts:
tokens_with_entities = get_tokens_with_entities(text)
for _, ent in tokens_with_entities:
if ent not in self.unique_entities:
self.unique_entities.sort(key=lambda ent: ent if ent != "O" else "")
for tokens_with_entities in temp_processed_texts:
self.processed_texts.append([(t, self.unique_entities.index(ent)) for t, ent in tokens_with_entities])
def id2label(self):
return dict(enumerate(self.unique_entities))
def label2id(self):
return {v:k for k, v in self.id2label.items()}
def __len__(self):
return len(self.processed_texts)
def __getitem__(self, idx):
def _process_tokens_for_one_text(id, tokens_with_encoded_entities):
ner_tags = []
tokens = []
for t, ent in tokens_with_encoded_entities:
return {
"id": id,
"ner_tags": ner_tags,
"tokens": tokens
tokens_with_encoded_entities = self.processed_texts[idx]
if isinstance(idx, int):
return _process_tokens_for_one_text(idx, tokens_with_encoded_entities)
return [_process_tokens_for_one_text(i+idx.start, tee) for i, tee in enumerate(tokens_with_encoded_entities)]
def as_hf_dataset(self, tokenizer):
from datasets import Dataset, Features, Value, ClassLabel, Sequence
def tokenize_and_align_labels(examples):
tokenized_inputs = tokenizer(examples["tokens"], truncation=True, is_split_into_words=True)
labels = []
for i, label in enumerate(examples[f"ner_tags"]):
word_ids = tokenized_inputs.word_ids(batch_index=i) # Map tokens to their respective word.
previous_word_idx = None
label_ids = []
for word_idx in word_ids: # Set the special tokens to -100.
if word_idx is None:
elif word_idx != previous_word_idx: # Only label the first token of a given word.
previous_word_idx = word_idx
tokenized_inputs["labels"] = labels
return tokenized_inputs
ids, ner_tags, tokens = [], [], []
for i, pt in enumerate(self.processed_texts):
pt_tokens,pt_tags = list(zip(*pt))
data = {
"id": ids,
"ner_tags": ner_tags,
"tokens": tokens
features = Features({
"tokens": Sequence(Value("string")),
"ner_tags": Sequence(ClassLabel(names=dm.unique_entities)),
"id": Value("int32")
ds = Dataset.from_dict(data, features)
tokenized_ds =, batched=True)
return tokenized_ds
# usage
from transformers import AutoTokenizer
tokenizer = AutoTokenizer.from_pretrained("distilbert-base-uncased")
dm = NERDataMaker(["I come from [Kathmanduu valley,](location) [Nepal](location)"])
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Also,should'nt in line 120,it should be dm instead of test_dm?Someone please correct me if I am wrong.

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