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Created June 25, 2020 15:48
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// This will list all the readonly properties of MyInterface
const readonlyProperties = propertiesOf<MyInterface>({ readonly: true });
// This will list all the optional properties of MyInterface
const optionalProperties = propertiesOf<MyInterface>({ optional: true });
// This will list all the required properties of MyInterface
const requiredProperties = propertiesOf<MyInterface>({ optional: false });
// But feel free to ask for private readonly OR public optional properties
const verySpecificProperties = propertiesOf<MyInterface>(
{ private: true, readonly: true }
{ public: true, optional: true }
// Or maybe a combination of required non-public properties
// and protected optional ones? I mean why not
const evenMoreSpecificProperties = propertiesOf<MyInterface>(
{ public: false, optional: false }
{ protected: true, optional: true }
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