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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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Minitest loads *slower* than RSpec?
require "benchmark/ips"
File.write "minitest_test.rb", <<-EOS
require "minitest/autorun"
require "minitest/pride"
class MintestTest < Minitest::Test
def test_foo
assert true
File.write "rspec_spec.rb", <<-EOS
require "rspec/autorun"
RSpec.describe "RSpec" do
it "foo" do
expect(true).to eq true
Benchmark.ips do |x|
x.config(time: 10)"rspec") { `ruby rspec_spec.rb` }"minitest") { `ruby minitest_test.rb` }!
# Calculating -------------------------------------
# rspec 1.000 i/100ms
# minitest 1.000 i/100ms
# -------------------------------------------------
# rspec 4.545 (± 0.0%) i/s - 46.000
# minitest 3.951 (± 0.0%) i/s - 40.000
# Comparison:
# rspec: 4.5 i/s
# minitest: 4.0 i/s - 1.15x slower
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runlevel5 commented Apr 9, 2015

I think you should remove pride and run the bm again

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janko commented Apr 9, 2015

I did, and then Minitest was 1.14x slower. I just required it to match RSpec's functionality more closely.

But I think there's something wrong with my Mac, because when @zenspider ran the same benchmarks, RSpec turned out to be 1.74x slower to load than Minitest. Maybe you can try running them.

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berislavbabic commented Apr 9, 2015

@janko-m on my 2014 MBP
This is the original script, with pride

☺  ruby spec_bench.rb                                                                                                                                                          2.2.1
Calculating -------------------------------------
               rspec     1.000  i/100ms
            minitest     1.000  i/100ms
               rspec      4.170  (± 0.0%) i/s -     42.000
            minitest      2.613  (± 0.0%) i/s -     27.000

               rspec:        4.2 i/s
            minitest:        2.6 i/s - 1.60x slower

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janko commented Apr 9, 2015

Thanks for chipping in. It seems like from 5 testers only @zenspider's computer is producing reverse results.

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mislav commented Apr 10, 2015

In my fork I've rewritten your benchmark:

Turns out there isn't much of a difference. Startup times of these test libraries don't matter anyway; so based on just that it's not really fair to say "X is faster than Y".

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