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How to run / yourself is a great service to the community.

I wouldn’t recommend testing hosts againt an online tool. All you do is create a log for a security savvy person with vulnerable hosts. While not quite the same, this is similar to uploading private keys or passwords to a service to check if they are secure.

Luckily it is easy to run the software locally, as the author was so kind to provide the source. I don’t read go very well, but a cursory glance suggests that the software does what it says on the tin, so we don’t worry about it phoning home.

This is the first time I’m building a go project, so I have to install go first. brew install go is easily done. You can get binary distributions for your OS from the go homepage:

Heartbleed depends on a few other modules and I’m sure there is a fancy module system I can use, but I have no time to learn that right now (comments are open :), so I’m patching the source a little (see below), to make source imports local. I also clone git clone into the Heartbleed top level directory.

See for how to install the dependencies.

To build the thing, run go build.

Then I can run Heartbleed locally without creating a log elsewhere:


> git diff
diff --git a/bleed.go b/bleed.go
index f017e57..aa36d40 100644
--- a/bleed.go
+++ b/bleed.go
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
 package main
 import (
-       bleed ""
+       bleed "./bleed"
diff --git a/bleed/heartbleed.go b/bleed/heartbleed.go
index afe8b41..cfd9dd1 100644
--- a/bleed/heartbleed.go
+++ b/bleed/heartbleed.go
@@ -4,8 +4,8 @@ import (
-       ""
-       ""
+       "../tls"
+       "../go-spew/spew"

janl commented Apr 8, 2014

fancy explains how to do this without patching the source via

Has anyone experienced false positives? I've got a hosting provider who says they've patched but it's still reporting as vulnerable with this tool.

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