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CoUp Coffee Chemex Guide

Chemex Quick Guide

Not this is rocket sience :)


Fill the water heater with a finger more than 1 liter of water. Set it on its power-base, hit the button that’s all the way out on the handle. This starts the heating process. Now hit the “minus” (“-”) button so you see a red light on the 90° marker. Let it heat up. In the meantime:


Take the lower tray out of the grinder and remove any rests, but keep it dry. If you need to clean it with water, dry it thoroughly. Then replace the tray into the bottom of the grinder.

Pick one of the bags of beans and find the big black plastic spoon. Remove the top lid and put 2 1/2 – 3 spoonfuls of beans into the grinder. Replace the lid.

Twist the knob on the right hand side about a quarter in. It works like a kitchen timer that stops the grinder after a certain amount of time. If it doesn’t grind all beans on the first run, just twist it again, or use the button on the front to grind the rest.

Brew Preparation

Take a Chemex filter out of the filter boxes in the top cubbord. Unfold it so it makes a funnel. Don’t unfold it fully. This means that on one side there should be three layers of paper and one side has only one. That’s by design. Place the filter into the Chemex (the glass caraffe) with the three layers towards the nozzle of the Chemex.

When the water has been heated up to 90°, pour just a sip into the Chemex (without the coffee) so that 1 Liter remains in the heater. Let the water drip through the filter, it is to moisten the filter and to heat up the bottom of the Chemex. Then pour the water from the Chemex into the sink.

Pour the rest of the water from the heater into the smaller aluminium kettle. It should be filled to the top. Be careful with replaceing the lid, the three holes in the top and the hot water.

Now we are ready!

The Brew

Put the ground beans into the filter in the Chemex. Slowly pour a little bit of water into the grounds. Try to make the grounds all wet, but don’t let any water swimming on top of it.

Wait ~20–30 seconds.

Then pour more water into the Chemex, maybe filling it up to 1/2 or 3/4 of the top area. Wait for the water to drop into the bottom part. Repeat until all water is gone.

Take the filter, and carefully pull it out of the Chemex and throw it away.

Serving Coffee

We have a bunch of cups and glasses on the 3rd floor, there are some more on the 5th if you need. The small glass cups are for coffee specifically.

Note that the coffee’s colour is not all dark black, but has a nice brown colour that is a bit see-through. That’s perfect!

Don’t use any milk or sugar, the coffee is tasty as-is and not bitter at all.

Good luck!

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