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Created Dec 18, 2015
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diff --git a/dev/run b/dev/run
index 147bead..303dc7f 100755
--- a/dev/run
+++ b/dev/run
@@ -393,7 +393,10 @@ def cluster_setup(ctx):
if enable_cluster(lead_port, *ctx['admin']):
for num in range(1, ctx['N']):
node_port, _ = get_ports(num + 1)
- enable_cluster(node_port, *ctx['admin'])
+ enabled = enable_cluster(node_port, *ctx['admin'])
+ if not enabled:
+ print('Failed to _setup_cluster on %s: %s' % (node,
+ sys.exit(1)
add_node(lead_port, node_port, *ctx['admin'])
finish_cluster(lead_port, *ctx['admin'])
return lead_port
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