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Created Nov 3, 2013
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Title: Service Orientated Architecture to scale to infinity and beyond or Service Orientated Architecture for robust and scalable systems

Proposal: Software Architecture is hard. And when your business grow, its getting even harder because scaling doesn’t come out the box and it’s not only the software which grows it’s also the team. So you have to find a way how to scale your software in a way that it stays easy maintainable for growing teams and scalable. I’d like to talk about Service Orientated Architecture in general and also share some experience and give some examples where SOA would save your ass and maybe places where SOA isn’t the best idea to implement.


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@janl janl commented Nov 3, 2013

looks good. would use the second title :)


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@rmehner rmehner commented Nov 3, 2013

Typo? "your business grow" -> "your business grows"

Might be personal taste, but I often like to hear from your experiences more than from the theoretical side of things. Real stories are often way more insightful than the theory behind it.


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@OleMchls OleMchls commented Nov 3, 2013

Again, thanks for the feedback! @janl @rmehner !

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