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Created Nov 27, 2013
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root@76a7532d4846:/var/lib# HOODIE_INSTALL_PASSWORD=asd COUCH_URL=http://localhost:8101 hoodie start --allow-sudo
.d$b. .d$b. .d$$$$$$b. .d$$$$$$b. .d$$$$$$b. .d$b..d$$$$$$$$b.
$$$$$..$$$$$.$$$$$$$$$$$b .$$$$$$$$$$$b $$$$$$$$$$b $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$P'
$$$$$´`$$$$$'$$$$$$$$$$$$''$$$$$$$$$$$$'$$$$$$$$$$P $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$b.
'Q$P' 'Q$P' 'Q$$$$$$P' 'Q$$$$$$P' 'Q$$$$$$$P 'Q$P''Q$$$$$$$$P'
Version: 0.3.2 (node v0.10.22, npm 1.3.15, platform: linux)
[warning] Could not start hoodie.
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