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Last active February 23, 2022 18:00
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My modified tutorial for Staticman on Heroku

Selfhosted staticman instance on Heroku

Setup is based on these tutorials


  1. Create a new GitHub account for the Staticman API

  2. Create a GitHub token with repo acccess (check the repo checkbox) for the new account:,

  3. Clone an instance of Staticman: git clone

  4. Move into the staticman folder: cd ~/staticman

  5. In the staticman folder, create a file called Procfile and store a single line in there: web: npm start

  6. Create a private RSA key for use with the API: openssl genrsa -out key.pem

  7. Create a Heroku account

  8. Log into the Heroku CLI using heroku login,

  9. Create a new Staticman app and configure it:

     heroku create {nameOfYourStaticmanApp}`
     heroku config:set NODE_ENV="production" 
     heroku config:set RSA_PRIVATE_KEY="$(cat key.pem)" 
     heroku config:set GITHUB_TOKEN="Your_Token"
  10. Create a production branch: git checkout -b production origin/dev

  11. Add !config.production.json to .gitignore

  12. Commit the changes:

    git add config.production.json Procfile .gitignore 
    git commit -m "Set up Staticman v3 for deployment to Heroku"
  13. Deploy the API: git push heroku production:master

  14. After the API has been built successfully, you should be greeted with Hello from Staticman version 3.0.0! when visiting your API instance at https://{nameOfYourStaticmanApp}

Fixing it

On POST using the API endpoint https://{nameOfYourStaticmanApp}{githubUsername}/{repositoryName}/{branchName}/{folderLikeCommentsOrReviews} the instance should show an error: "Internal Server Error"

To fix it use this pull request eduardoboucas/staticman#288

git pull origin pull/288/head
git push heroku

In case that pull request doesnt work check out these

eduardoboucas/staticman#299 (comment)

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Thanks for clarification. Yeah, for sure.

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