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Drupal 8 monolog logging
# Log to a file by default.
default: ['file']
# Send the php channel to web server's error log and the browser console:
# php: ['error_log', 'browser_console']
# Ignore log entries of "content" channel.
# content: ['null']
# Show memory usage on each log entry:
monolog.processors: ['message_placeholder', 'current_user', 'request_uri', 'memory_usage', 'web']
# Monolog handlers.
class: Monolog\Handler\RotatingFileHandler
arguments: ['../logs/application.log', '30', '200', false]

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@janstoeckler janstoeckler commented Jun 2, 2017

  1. Install Drupal 8 monolog module
    composer require drupal/monolog

  2. Enable monolog module

  3. Add this snippet (except the first 4 lines) to sites/default/services.yml, you can also customize it to use different monolog processors & handlers as you desire

  4. Uninstall watchdog module as it will no longer work

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