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Last active Apr 2, 2020

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My Scala libraries & the status of their upgrade to Scala 2.13
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digraph G {
label="\nNote: some links are just test dependencies, not runtime dependencies.\nscalajs-react for example has no runtime dependencies."
node[style=filled fillcolor="#ccf999"]
cc [label="clear-config"]
mrb [label="mr.boilerplate"]
sg [label="scala-graal"]
sjb [label="scalajs-benchmark"]
sjr [label="scalajs-react"]
node[style=filled fillcolor="#ffff99"]
node[style=filled fillcolor="#ccddff"]
node[style=filled fillcolor="#ffaaaa"]
microlibs-> sg
nyaya -> sjr
sjr,univeq -> testState
microlibs -> cc
nyaya,univeq -> microlibs
microlibs -> scalacss -> sjb
sjr,univeq -> scalacss
microlibs,sjr -> mrb
// Transitive
edge[style=dotted constaint=false]
nyaya -> scalacss
nyaya -> sg
nyaya -> testState
sjr -> sjb
univeq -> mrb
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