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japgolly / Coyo.scala
Created Mar 12, 2014
Coyoneda natural transformations
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object ForScalaz {
type CoyonedaF[F[_]] = ({type A[α] = Coyoneda[F, α]})
def FG_to_CFG[F[_], G[_] : Functor, A](t: F ~> G): (CoyonedaF[F]#A ~> G) = {
type CF[A] = Coyoneda[F, A]
type CG[A] = Coyoneda[G, A]
val m: (CF ~> CG) = FG_to_CFCG(t)
val n: (CG ~> G) = CF_to_F
val o: (CF ~> G) = n compose m
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import scalaz.\/
object JunctionExperiment {
val debug = !true
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case class Username(value: String)
implicit val usernameCodec = implicitly[CodecJson[String]].xmap(Username.apply)(_.value)
// ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Would like to eventually like to do something like this:
// (Basically a replacement the {@@, T with U} hack which has caused me too many problems)
trait TaggedType { type U; def value: U }
trait TaggedTypeCtor[T <: TaggedType] { def apply(u: T#U): T }
japgolly / implicits.scala
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Scala implicit search path
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package lib {
trait O[A]
object O {
import F.I
implicit val Il = null.asInstanceOf[I[Long]]
implicit val Ol = null.asInstanceOf[O[Long]]
trait T {
japgolly /
Last active Aug 29, 2015
scalajs-react 0.7.0 migration
find . -name '*.scala' -exec perl -pi -e '
japgolly / blah.scala
Created Dec 16, 2014
Quick script to decipher long Scala type errors
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import scala.language._
import scala.annotation.tailrec
object Blah {
val errmsg = """
[error] found : blah.webapp.client.lib.ui.Editor[(, (String, String,,,scalaz.effect.IO,,,scalaz.effect.IO[Unit],(japgolly.scalajs.react.vdom.ReactVDom.Tag, japgolly.scalajs.react.vdom.ReactVDom.Tag, japgolly.scalajs.react.vdom.prefix_<^.Tag)]
[error] (which expands to) blah.webapp.client.lib.ui.Editor[((Stream[], Option[]), (String, String,,,scalaz.effect.IO,,,scalaz.effect.IO[Unit],(japgolly.scalajs.react.vdom.ReactV
japgolly / gist:78507c5953d8f848f63c
Created Feb 28, 2015
Basic bootstrap NavBar model
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// In Link & MenuItem, when onClick is None it means it should be disabled.
// This enforces the invariant that disabled items cannot be clicked.
// If you want something clickable but you want it to do nothing then pass it
// a callback that does nothing: Some(IO(()))
sealed trait NavItem
case class Link(label: String, onClick: Option[IO[Unit]], active: Boolean) extends NavItem
case class DropdownMenu(items: NonEmptyList[MenuItem]) extends NavItem
View ConsoleIO.scala
package shipreq.webapp.client.lib
import org.scalajs.dom.console
import scala.annotation.elidable
import scala.scalajs.js
import scalaz.effect.IO
import js.{UndefOr, undefined}
trait ConsoleIO {
def info (msg: js.Any, extra: js.Any*) : IO[Unit]
japgolly / CssPager.scala
Created Mar 23, 2015
Chandu - CssPager
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import japgolly.scalajs.react._, vdom.prefix_<^._, ScalazReact._
import japgolly.scalacss.Defaults._
import japgolly.scalacss.ScalaCssReact._
import shapeless.syntax.singleton._
object CssPager {
type CLICKEVENT = Int => Unit
object Style extends StyleSheet.Inline {
japgolly / DependencyLib.scala
Last active Sep 24, 2015
SBT JVM/JS DependencyLib
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import sbt._
import scala.languageFeature._
import org.scalajs.sbtplugin.ScalaJSPlugin
import ScalaJSPlugin.autoImport._
object DependencyLib {
sealed trait HasDialect
sealed trait HasJvm extends HasDialect
sealed trait HasJs extends HasDialect
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