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setuptools feature/include-pyproject.toml $ python
adding minimal entry_points
Regenerating egg_info
running egg_info
writing dependency_links to setuptools.egg-info/dependency_links.txt
writing entry points to setuptools.egg-info/entry_points.txt
writing requirements to setuptools.egg-info/requires.txt
writing manifest file 'setuptools.egg-info/SOURCES.txt'
reading manifest file 'setuptools.egg-info/SOURCES.txt'
reading manifest template ''
$ easy_install -d foo toml
Creating /Users/jaraco/code/public/pypa/setuptools_scm/foo/
Searching for toml
Best match: toml 0.10.0
Processing toml-0.10.0-py2.7.egg
Moving toml-0.10.0-py2.7.egg to /Users/jaraco/code/public/pypa/setuptools_scm/foo
Adding toml 0.10.0 to easy-install.pth file
setuptools master $ git diff
diff --git a/setuptools/ b/setuptools/
index 2e5ad4bd..987d684e 100644
--- a/setuptools/
+++ b/setuptools/
@@ -728,6 +728,10 @@ class Distribution(_Distribution):
if self.features:
+ hook_key = 'setuptools.finalize_distribution_options'
View gist:4e4b1f6a93bd6ee16694d17ed80826c8
// Future versions of Hyper may add additional config options,
// which will not automatically be merged into this file.
// See for all currently supported options.
module.exports = {
config: {
// choose either `'stable'` for receiving highly polished,
// or `'canary'` for less polished but more frequent updates
updateChannel: 'stable',
View gist:dcb546c450e6d094c350fda4896f6a12
import cherrypy'before_finalize', priority=60)
def noisy_hook_1():
raise ValueError('hook 1 failed')'before_finalize', priority=60)
def noisy_hook_2():
View gist:7f2d7d4c72e8b7dda609209b5cf41505
$ pip-run -q 'setuptools<34.4' -- -m easy_install configparser
Searching for configparser
Best match: configparser 3.8.1
Processing configparser-3.8.1.tar.gz
Writing /var/folders/c6/v7hnmq453xb6p2dbz1gqc6rr0000gn/T/easy_install-rkvtnjl2/configparser-3.8.1/setup.cfg
Running configparser-3.8.1/ -q bdist_egg --dist-dir /var/folders/c6/v7hnmq453xb6p2dbz1gqc6rr0000gn/T/easy_install-rkvtnjl2/configparser-3.8.1/egg-dist-tmp-g2k9nrhy
file src/ (for module c) not found
file src/ (for module o) not found
View gist:1c868c78ecf8fd8c8a9791261bacd78e
skeleton master $ git merge --no-commit upstream/master
Auto-merging tox.ini
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in
Auto-merging setup.cfg
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in setup.cfg
Auto-merging pytest.ini
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in pytest.ini
CONFLICT (modify/delete): deleted in upstream/master and modified in HEAD. Version HEAD of left in tree.
Auto-merging docs/
import operator
import itertools
def pairwise(iterable):
orig, copy = itertools.tee(iterable)
return zip(orig, copy)
# coding: future_fstrings
__requires__ = [
'backports.functools_lru_cache; python_version=="2.7"',
import logging
import logging
import cherrypy.lib.cpstats
class CherootStatistics(cherrypy.process.plugins.SimplePlugin):
def main(self):
self.bus.log('Enabling Cheroot statistics')
keys = (
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