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Remove hentry from post_class()
* Remove 'hentry' from post_class()
function ja_remove_hentry( $class ) {
$class = array_diff( $class, array( 'hentry' ) );
return $class;
add_filter( 'post_class', 'ja_remove_hentry' );

Jawanet commented Jan 9, 2014

good brother

It works but if I visit my website with https, the browser hangs and don't load the page ...
I putted the script in functions.php of my theme

Hey Jare! Thanks for share i test in my site

Bonjur commented Sep 14, 2016

Will removing schema trigger a Google penalty? What are the consequences? Gbwhatsapp

I'm getting the same error on my website , will try the fix.

naazg commented Jan 15, 2017

Hello, My website shows an error on hentry : missing updated but when i test live data it won't show any error. 0 error 0 warning.. what might be the issue?

I am getting the error --page is not showing

Lauyou01 commented Feb 6, 2017

I am still getting the error on

Rajeshchourasia1992 commented Mar 10, 2017

sir i'm not able to fix up hentry error on my website

sir i'm still getting hentry problem on my site is it theme error

Hey, It still has some issue at SEO Company

Chole11 commented Apr 15, 2017

Cool, helped me with my escape game website

Sir, I am getting hentry problem only for my WordPress Tutorial site pages, I am using Voice theme.

Hello, i have problem with missing author and missing updated here and when i click on check live data it is showing some other error with breadcrumb and URL is missing, i am confused, any help is most appreciated.

Fixed it at M88. Thank you!

wiggledigitalZA commented May 22, 2017

Worked for me at

Hi there, Thanks for sharing, but my site is showing the error on pages of tags, can you help me to check it?

Hello, My website shows an error on hentry : missing updated , entry, title but when i test live data it won't show any error. 0 error 0 warning.. what might be the issue?

sdynamo commented Jun 12, 2017

Hello, thank you for the code. I was looking for a way to remove hentry from my website pages as it was irritating to see red warning sign in Google Webmaster Tools / Search Console.
The website is CityShoppingPoint a Local Business Directory & Events.
For the type of website I don't see it necessary having hentry codes. And it works flawlessly without having to use plugins.
I suppose it should be working for any themes as well.

thank you that's help me
تيوب ميت

helo... my website still error ....

Thank you

chuotbumo commented Jul 3, 2017

Thanks, it work : cắt bao quy đầu

I'm also getting the same issue on my website- :(

Thanks a lot! I tried it with my site - and it works perfect!

Thanks for share i test in my site BlogItUpp.

Hello there,
Seriously, please help me!

Una solución que no funcionará en todos los Themes. Recomiendo contactar directamente con el desarrollador del Theme. Saludos desde nuestra empresa de Diseño web en Asturias.

this is my website . I try use the code but cannot solve the problem . I add the code into function.php after that my web has error 500 ... make me so confused


I'm getting the same error on my website

ek3292 commented Oct 14, 2017

I'm getting the errors of missing update and author hatom Structured Data > hatom (markup: for my website

, But while testing onStructured Data Testing tool everything looks good.

Is it ok to remove the hentry/hatom (markup:, because Moz says remove the hentry because it’s not needed?

Can we use both and at same time?

sir i am facing the schema markup errors my website how to fix it php site

thank you for the fix my website is now good. this is my site -

i have completed all tags and my theme already have class=fn but half of my pages has author and updated error.

Myasti commented Nov 17, 2017

I come here to find out the answer for error type (Missing: author) without removing wordpress code. But I think will consider this solution if there is no other way - My24

I'm getting the same error on my website Telugu blog

alagandula commented Dec 6, 2017

I have changed the author name in myprofile and got error in structured data

But while testing onStructured Live Data Testing tool everything looks good.

I can't find the author in my single.php file. I'm using the ThemeForest's photography theme. Can anyone help?

bet-bg commented Jan 4, 2018

Hi I have tested this on and works fine. Thanks for sharing!

thank you
very useful

Thanks you.
Tested this on gifts for your lover .

g-ads commented Feb 5, 2018

Thanks for share.
we solved it on تبلیغات گوگل با جی ادز

kresnabudi commented Feb 8, 2018

thanks share solved for

This code worked for my Techno geek blog. thanks a ton

Thanks a lot worked for me on. BloggerSpy

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