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Install Pimp my Log with MAMP Pro (for use with WordPress development)

Install Pimp My Log with MAMP Pro (for use with WordPress development)

Pimp my Log

  1. Enable PHP logging in MAMP Pro, under the PHP settings (screenshot)

  2. Inside your MAMP Sites directory (or equivalent), create a new directory pimpmylog

  3. Create a new host, such as phplog.local, in MAMP for easy access (screenshot)

  4. Open terminal or iTerm, navigate to this new directory

  5. Run git clone .

  6. In your browser, go to the host URL (eg http://phplog.local); Proceed to configuration wizard (screenshot)

  7. Since this is for local development, you can skip setting up an admin account (click "No")

  8. Enable the PHP error log, which should be checked by default (screenshot)

  9. Complete the Wizard

  10. Optionally, you can enable browser notifications [recommended] (screenshot)

  11. In your WordPress installation(s), if you are using WP_DEBUG, WP_DEBUG_LOG, WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY (eg inside wp-config.php) remove these items; If these are defined WordPress will write the errors to debug.log inside wp-content instead of writing to the global PHP error log

  12. Pour yourself a whiskey drink and enjoy easy access to your PHP logs!

Note: There seems to be a bug in Firefox 57 that causes very high CPU usage if you decline browser notifications; Enabling notifications or using Chrome/Safari resolves the issue

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slaFFik commented Nov 8, 2017

12. (before the and word) is the best part of the whole tutorial. Sorry, @jaredatch.

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