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Created April 8, 2015 15:32
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Prevent Google maps iframe embeds from hijacking scroll with zoom
// Prevent Google Maps from hijacking scroll
var onMapMouseleaveHandler = function (event) {
var that = $(this);
that.on('click', onMapClickHandler);'mouseleave', onMapMouseleaveHandler);
that.find('iframe').css("pointer-events", "none");
var onMapClickHandler = function (event) {
var that = $(this);
// Disable the click handler until the user leaves the map area'click', onMapClickHandler);
// Enable scrolling zoom
that.find('iframe').css("pointer-events", "auto");
// Handle the mouse leave event
that.on('mouseleave', onMapMouseleaveHandler);
// Enable map zooming with mouse scroll when the user clicks the map
$('.section-map').on('click', onMapClickHandler);
.section-map iframe {
pointer-events: none;
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