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Where The Web Is Going

Where The Web Is Going

The web is a strange place with many standards and browser vendors that all have to come together to make something useful. This talk looks at what's next for web technologies including ECMAScript 2018, Progressive Web Apps, Web Components, and HTTP/2. It then looks at how these standards come about and which groups set the direction. We'll discuss how the W3C, WHATWG, ECMA TC39, and IETF work together (or don't) to push the Web forward. You'll leave this talk better prepared for the web of tomorrow.

Learning objectives

  • (Major) Learn how web standards are created, and why it's so complicated
  • (Major) Learn about current and new web standards that can empower your work
  • (Minor) Laugh at some of the silly events in web standards history that have shaped where we are today
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