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Last active Jul 19, 2018
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Progressive Web Apps Are Not Optional

Rethinking Your Mobile Strategy in the Era of Progressive Web Apps

If your product involves technology, it almost certainky involves mobile devices. This means you have to make the technology investments required to support them. This distracts from solving your customers' problems. The emergence of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) gives you an alternative. This talk will update you on the changing mobile landscape, and give you the knowledge needed to reanalyze your mobile strategy. You'll leave this talk with the tools necessary to create a PWA roadmap for your product.

Learning objectives

  • (minor) Understand why mobile matters
  • (major) Understand what Progressive Web Apps are
  • (major) Understand how to decide between a traditional mobile strategy and a PWA strategy

Progressive Web Apps Are Not Optional

Does your web application work for any user, on any device, even if they are offline? Why not? The invention of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) makes this possible without building native applications. In this talk, you'll learn about the technologies that make PWAs possible, and how you can and should turn your existing applications into PWAs today. It may sound like magic, but without much work you can dramatically improve your end user experience. You'll leave this talk knowing how!

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