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Test Your JavaScript with Jasmine and Chutzpah!

Test Your JavaScript with Jasmine and Chutzpah!

As a web developer, the odds are that you're writing more and more JavaScript every day. As powerful frameworks and tools grow in usage (and even ship with Visual Studio), the complexity of JS keeps growing. JavaScript testing is an important tool that you should have in your tool belt.

Jasmine makes JavaScript testing easy to do, but Jasmine requires you to open a browser window. Chutzpah makes it easy to run your JS tests right inside of Visual Studio, or as an automated part of your TFS build.

In this talk, we'll look at adding Jasmine tests to a .NET MVC web app. We'll talk about some JS testing best practices along the way. Then we'll finish by using Chutzpah to automate these tests as part of our build process. When you leave this session, you'll be equipped to test all the things!

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