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Mixing Modern CSS *Magic* Into Legacy Sites

Mixing Modern CSS Magic Into Legacy Sites

There is a wide variety of modern tooling available to help us build a better web. There are also more legacy sites than greendfield ones; sites that never were built with these tools in mind. How do you get the benefits of things like pre-processors (Less/Sass), post-processors (Autoprefixer) and task runners (Grunt) when working on your existing sites?

Let's take a real site that I support, and explore:

  • Adding in a basic build/task runner
  • Creating a framework for restructuring our CSS
  • Replacing old hacks with CSS3 features
  • Using a pre-processor to further refine our styles
  • Adding a post-processor so we can forget about vendor prefixes

We'll look at a real world example of mine and see what I've learned. We'll then discuss how and when this may be appropriate for your sites. You can get a lot of value from adding modern tooling to your existing sites. This talk will help you get started.

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