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<div id="root"></div>
const log = txt => {
const div = document.createElement('div')
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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Toss this in your ~/bin/ as ~/bin/reboost and `chmod +x ~/bin/reboost`
reboost [cmd]
first - follow upstream until just before master
last - follow downstreams all the way
up - go to parent

Here's part of my ~/

	name = Jared Forsyth
    # View the tree!
    tree = log --oneline --decorate --all --graph
    tr = log --oneline --decorate --all --graph
    t = log --color --date-order --graph --oneline --decorate --simplify-by-decoration --branches
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import * from PackTypes.Result
let module P = PackTypes.Parsing
let rec getChild = (children, mapper) => switch children {
case []: None
case [child]: switch mapper(child) {
case None: getChild(rest, mapper)
case x: x
let rec getChildren = (children, mapper) => switch children {
type something = | Something 'a :something;
module type ChildType = {let makeSomething: int => something;};
let module MakeThing (ChildA: ChildType) (ChildB: ChildType) => {
type childArg = | A int | B int;
let doThing arg =>
switch arg {
| A n => ChildA.makeSomething 10
| B n => ChildB.makeSomething 5
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public class ReactNativeComponent: UIViewController {
let callbacks: [Int]
let properties: [String: AnyObject]
let name: String
init(name: String, properties: [String: AnyObject], callbacks: [Int]) { = name = properties
self.callbacks = callbacks
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(defn code-mirror
"Create a code-mirror editor. The parameters:
value-atom (reagent atom)
when this changes, the editor will update to reflect it.
:style (reagent style map)
will be applied to the container element
options passed into the CodeMirror constructor
:on-cm-init (fn [cm] -> nil)
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"title": "Demobox",
"created": 1432725699439,
"opened": 1433371827400,
"repl": "null",
"root": {
"id": "bglg05h4fvzbftq2vnwpv3t1lbbb9pjm",
"created": 1432725699462,
"modified": 1432725699462,
"content": "Demobox",
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import fs from 'fs'
import _fs from 'fs'
const fs = _fs