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Part 2
- run a server with "npx http-server -p 3000 -c-1", and open `http://localhost:3000/src/simple` in your browser
- -- follow the setup instructions
- the "apollo http link" url should be ""
- get the query from discord
Goal 2: run the query, and render the `response##rss##rss2Feed##title` to the page.
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WIFI: MSFTGuest -- on the login website, use the "Access code": msevent394hr
go to
the instructions are in the #reason-dojo channel
Goal: Make a podcast app, using the GraphQL query that's in the channel.
If you have questions, raise your hand!
Also feel free to ask things in the #reason-dojo channel
- clone
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type animatable('t) =
| AtRest('t)
| BetweenFrames({pre: 't, post: 't, info: animationInfo})
type state = {
expanded: animatable(bool),
disabled: animatable(bool)
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# Super often, these are muscle memory
alias g=git
alias gs="git status"
alias gb="git b"
alias gd="git diff"
# See the git aliases section, but this is "git branch" but better
# (sorted by most recent, and other things)
alias gr="git r"
# Used as `gitca "commit message"` and it's done
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module StringContext =
type t = string;
let defaultValue = "Awesome";
let component = ReasonReact.statelessComponent("Tree");
let make = _children => {
let recv = (client, maxlen) => {
let bytes = Bytes.create(maxlen);
let len = Unix.recv(client, bytes, 0, maxlen, []);
Bytes.sub_string(bytes, 0, len)
let parse_top = top => {
let parts = Str.split(Str.regexp("[ \t]+"), top);
switch (parts) {
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// @flow
import {Component, type Node} from 'react'
import authenticatedApolloClient from '../shared/authenticatedApolloClient';
* Example usage:
* const ScreenWithLoader = (props) => <ApolloWrapper
* queryOptions={{
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let module Styled = {
let module Create (Config: {
let name: string;
let style:;
}) => {
let component = ReasonReact.statelessComponent;
let make ::paddingVertical=? => {
let style = combineStylesSomeHow paddingVertical; /* <- this is an optional btw */
View.make ::style
/* Template for proposals to update the syntax. Base template: */
let a = 10;
let b = 20;
/* A */
let nonNamed = (a, b) => a + b;
type nonNamed = (int, int) => int;