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pulls csv files from the CBOE and converts them to xts
# we're pulling the Google VIX index (VXGOG) but this also works for VXAPL, VXGS etc.
# see
url <- ""
symb = read.csv(url,header=FALSE, stringsAsFactors=F)
symb <- symb[-1,]
colnames(symb) <- c(symb[1,])
symb <- symb[-1,]
#associates the Date column as the date for the other columns
symb$Date <- as.Date(symb$Date, format='%m/%d/%Y')
symb[,2:5] <- data.frame(sapply(symb[,2:5],as.numeric),stringsAsFactors=F)
#makes the OHLC xts
symb <- xts(symb[,2:5],$Date, frequency='d')
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